Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Aug 14, 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
FleshcrawlDark DimensionBloodred Massacre
In The WoodsThe Divinity Of WisdomEast Of The Ages
SlayerBlack MagicShow No Mercy
DeathPainkillerThe Sound Of Perseverence
Pan Yht MoniumThee PherenthKhaooos And Kon-Fus-Ion
Jungle RotConsumed In DarknessSlaughter The Weak
Long Winter's StareParanoidPantheon
NecrosisMessiah ComplexActa Sanctorum
Paradise LostShatteredGothic
DeicideLunatic Of God's CreationDeicide
DeathBite The PainThe Sound Of Perseverence
GehennaSlowly Being PoisonedAdimiron Black
ArcturusThe Chaos Path?
Pungent StenchSplatterday Night FeverBeen Caught Buttering
SkinlessExtermination Of My Filthy SpeciesProgression Towards Evil
Theatre Of TragedyA Rose For The DeadA Rose For The Dead
GravewormAwaken Thy Angels Of SorrowUnderneath The Crescent Moon
Septic FleshHeaven BelowOphidian Wheel
Mercyful FateReturn Of The VampireLive
King DiamondAbigailAbigail
CandlemassWell Of SoulsNightfall
Cephalic CarnageExtreme Of ParanoiaConforming To Abnormality
EsotericStygian NarcosisThe Pernicious Enigma
Filthy Christians Fight And Party For Your RightsMean
ImmolationChrist CageHere In After
MorticianHell On EarthZombie Apocalypse
Dying FetusFornication TerroristKilling On Adrenaline
Mass PsychosisTerminatorsFace
CovenantPlanetary Black ElementsNexus Polaris
Bolt ThrowerTo The LastMercenary
AmorphisWarrior's Trial The Karelian Isthmus
Summertime DaisiesBlanket Of SorrowThe Clarity Of Impurity
DemilichThe 16th...Nespithe
Mercyful FateBurning The CrossReturn Of The Vampire
Burning WitchSacred PredictionsCrippled Lucifer
Babylon SadUnknown TribeKyrie
TiamatDo You Dream Of Me?Wildhoney

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