Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Aug 7, 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Bolt ThrowerBehind Enemy LinesMercenary
Children Of BodomIn The ShadowsSomething Wild
ParagonWarrioir Of IceThe Final Command
Mundanus ImperiumPredominateThe Spectral Spheres Coronation
King DiamondA Mansion In Darkness(Rough Mix)Abigail
Ars AntiquaThe Dark EmbraceIn Red Nights
Babylon SadPictures Of ParadiseKyrie
BurzumDet Som En Gang VarKvis Lyst Vaross
AbsuNever Blow Out The Eastern CandleEp
Theatre Of TragedyBlack As The Devil PaintethA Black Rose For The Dead
Notre DameInto The CovenMercyful Fate Tribute
Napoleon XivThey're Coming To Get Me AgainThe Second Coming
Mercyful FateReturn Of The VampireReturn Of The Vampire
UnlordSummoned Be Thy FleshSchwartzald
Carpathian ForestLupusBlack Shining Leather
VaderDeath MetalFuture Of The Past
BrutalityObsessedIn Mourning
GehennaDevil's WorkAdmiron Black
Cephalic CarnageRegalos De MoraConform To Abnormality
Gloomy GrimWarBlood,Monsters, Darkness
TherionUp The NetzachA'arab Zaraq
King DiamondCome To The SabbathLive
Diabolical MasqueradeThe Eerie Obzidian CirkuzNightwork
WallachiaSkjold Riul DeomneiVelvet Music
WarcryWicked WarlockDemo
GravewormBy The Grace Of GodUnderneath The Crescent Moon
SacriversumMajesty Is BlindSoteria
TristitiaFinal LamentCrucidiction
ElendEdenLes Tenebres Du Dehors
AbyssosAs The Sky Turns Black AgainTogether We Summon The Dark
As Divine GraceGashLumo
And OceansJe Te Connais Bea MasqueThe Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts
King DiamondMother's Getting WeakerThem
Septic FleshIce CastlesEsontpon

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