Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for July 17, 1998

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Celtic FrostThe UsurperTo Mega Therion
SlayerCrionicsShow No Mercy
Mercyful FateEvilMelissa
Paradise LostDaylight TornShades Of God
AcheronHekai TiamatThose Who Have Risen
God MacabreAshes Of MourningSelf
Amon AmarthWithout FearOnce Sent From The Golden Hall
Deeds Of FleshGradually MeltedUnbreeding The Anthropophagi
MaledictionLong Term ResultSelf
ObituaryDon't CareDon't Care
MiseryA Song Before DyingRevel In Blasphemy
VenomIn League With SatanThe Singles
Mercyful FateReturn Of The VampireLive
KataklysmThe Unholy SignatureTemple Of Knowledge
ViolationDark EmbraceBeyond The Graves
Duran DuranA View To A KillDecade
FleshcrawlHellspawnBloodred Massacre
DesekratorMetal For DemonsMetal For Demons
GwarBlack And HugeScumdogs Of The Universe
HellhammerCrucifixionMetal Massacre V
Napalm DeathGreed KillingDiatribes
CarnivoreRace WarRetaliation
Nina HagenUnbeshriblich Wei BlichDefinitive Collection
DisembowelmentExtract NailsSelf
DeteriorateIn The Presence Of CurusThe Senectuous Entrance
Dead InfectionStayin' AliveThe Greatest Shits
CadaverIns-Through MentalSelf
EvilutionThe Rebirth Of AzazelShrine Of Desecration
HeresiarhDragon's DomainSelf
Holy MosesSix Fat WomenFinished With The Dogs
SkepticismThe FallsLead And Aether
InsatanityThe Black StoneAd Majorem Satanai Gloriam
KatatoniaVelvet ThornsDance Of December Souls
AnathemaThey DieSerenades
SanctuaryEpitaphInto The Mirror Black

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