Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Apr 22, 2001

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
My Dying BrideCrown Of SympathyTrinity
Theatre Of Tragedy The Masquerader And PhoenixInperspective
Celtic FrostDance MacabreMorbid Tales
Blood AxisSarabande Oratoria?
Type O NegativeBloody KissesBloody Kisses
ParzivalSacramentumAd Lucem Per Crucem
CandlemassDemon's GateEpicus Doomicus Metallicus
Napoleon XivI'm Happy I Live In A Split Level HeadThe Second Coming
DeadfoodHaircoupWeird Feelings
TherionEnter Transcendental SleepLucid Dreaming
VenomManitouCast In Stone
WeenSpring ThemePure Guava
Carnival In CoalHostileFrench Cancan
GzrCycle Of 60Plastic Planet
Theatre Of TragedyOn Whom The Moon Doth ShineInperspective
ObituaryInternal BleedingSlowly We Rot
MozartCommendatore SceneDon Giavanni
Paradise LostShatteredGothinc
KorovaOur Reality DissolvesDead Like An Angel
Napoleon XivThey're Coming To Take Me Away AgainThe Second Coming
Type O NegativeFrozenBloody Kisses
Mercyful FateDevil EyesThe Beginning
Stiff MinersMarte AnimoVox Celesta
The GatheringOn Most SurfacesNighttime Birds
AtaraxisDariaLost Atlantis
EvokenWhere Ghosts Fall SilentQuitus
ElendDancing Under The Closed Eyes Of ParadiseLes Tenebres Du Dehors
Theatre Of TragedyAnd When He FallethA Rose For The Dead
Celestial SeasonViennaSolar Lovers

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