Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Mar 18, 2001

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
SkinlessForeshadowing Our DemiseForeshadowing Our Demise
Paradise LostShatteredGothic
Mercyful FateMelissaMelissa
Type O NegativeBloody KissesBloody Kisses
FleshgrindWhackedDestined For Defilement
BethlehemDie Anarchische Der AugenzenreligionDictius Te Necare
SlayerAlter Of SacrificeReign In Blood
Cannibal CorpseHammersmashed FaceTomb Of Mutilation
DeicideCarnage In The Temple Of The DamnedDeicide
UnlordHell's Gates Are OpenGladiator
KataklysmThe 7th SignatureTemple Of Knowledge
CandlemassA Sorceror's PledgeEpicus Doomicus /Metallicus
PrimordialThe Soul Must SleepSpirit The Earth Aflame
ManowarSecret Of SteelInto Glory Ride
HeresiarhHorns Of WarDragons Of War
King DiamondThe JonahFatal Portrait
Theatre Of TragedyAs The Shadows DanceRose For The Dead
ThalarianCold Waves Of Turbulent TorrentsFour Elements Mysterium
Cletic Frost RequiemInto The Pandemonium
Mercyful FateSatan's FallMelissa
EvensongMother Of All BeingsOf Man's First Disobedience
NevermoreDisintegrateDead Heart In A Dead World
Gloomy GrimPope Of The Black ArtsBlood Monsters Darkness
ForbiddenForbidden EvilForbidden Evil

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