Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Mar 11, 2001

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Mercyful FateThe OathLive Oath
CarcassHepatic Tissue Fermentation IiTools Of The Trade
Snowy ShawInto The CovenMercyful Fate Tribute
PrimordialGods To The GodlessSpirit The Earth Aflame
Type O NegativeFrozaenBloody Kisses
Rain Fell WithinAloneBelieve
Mercyful FateDevil EyesLive
ImmolationNailed To GoldHere In After
NevermoreInsignificantDead Heart In A Dead World
CarnivoreGod Is DeadCarnivore
Thy SerpentWounds Of DeathDeath
TroubleThe Misery ShowsRun To The Light
BethlehemDorn Meiner AllmachtDictius Te Necare
Theatre Of TragedyBring Forth Ye WickedVelvet Darkness They Fear
SanctuaryEpitaphInto The Mirror Black
ElendThe Luciferian RevolutionLes Tenebres Du Dehors
Infernal MajestyPath Of The PsychoNone Shall Defy
Heresiarh?Mythical Beasts And Medieval Warfare
Whispering GalleryMy Final Hour On EarthPoems Of A Forgotten Dream
King DiamondAt The GravesConspiracy
Solitude AeturnusWhere Angels Dare To TreadDepths Of Sorrow
MorgothWhite GalleryThe Eternal Fall

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