Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Mar 4, 2001

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Mercyful FateSatan's FallMelissa
Black SabathHole In The SkySabotage
SlayerDead Skin MaskSeasons In The Abyss
Novembers DoomHarmony DiesThe Knowing
ElendDu Trefonds Des TenebresUmbersun
Sad LegendUtter Emptiness Of The Dusk Fallen LakeSad Legend
Shape Of DepairDown Into The StreamShades Of...
EsotericThe Stygian NarcosisThe Pernicious Enigma
Mercyful FateEgyptThe Bell Witch
My Dying BrideThe Bitterness & The BereavementAs The Flower Withers
Cryptal DarknessTo Blackened Skies I SufferThey Whispered You Had Risen
MorgionThe Serpentine ScrollsSolinari
DisembowelmentA Burial At OrnensTranscendence Into The Peripheral
ThergothonWho Rides With Astral WingsStream From The Heavens
SkepticismSign Of A StormStormcrowfleet
FuneralMoment In BlackTragedies
TroubleVictim Of The InsanePsalm 9
CathedralA Funeral RequestCosmic Requiem

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