Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Feb 18, 2001

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
King DiamondThe JonahFatal Portrait
Venom7 Gates Of HellSingles
ObituaryTil DeathSlowly We Rot
DeicideCarnage In The Temple Of The DamnedDeicide
ImmolationThose Left BehindDawn Of Possession
Wicked InnocenceReturn To The Gates Of RebirthOmnipotence
BloodthornSounds Of DeathOnwards Into Battle
EvokenWithering IndignationQuitus
AnathemaSleep In SanitySerenades
DementorIverted DarknessEnslave The Weak
AtrocityFatal StepHallucinations
Morbid AngelLord Of All Fevers And PlaguesAbominations Of Desolation
SuffocationCatatoniaHuman Waste
Aman AmarthThe Mighty Doors Of Speargod's HallSorrow Through The Nine Worlds
ViulentNecropolisUnder The Hex Of Amduscias
Black SabbathTommorow's DreamVoume 4
OzFire In The BrainFire In The Brain
CathedralPurple WonderlandHopkins
ManowarGates Of ValhallaHell On Stage
Jag PanzerThe CrucifixAmple Destruction
NevermoreLove BitesJudas Proest Tribute
Danger ZonePersecutionDemo
OverkillThe Nightmare ContinuesTaking Over
Gloomy GrimBorn In FireLife
Theatre Of TragedyBlack As The Devil PaintethVelvet Darkness They Fear
Napalm DeathThe Public Gets What The Public Doesn't Want?
CarcassCorporal Jigsore QuandaryNecrotism
Deep RedMultiple Errors?
CoronerSuicide CommandR.I.P.
TroubleLast JudgementMetal Massacre 4

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