Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Jan 21, 2001

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Mercyful FateThe OathDon't Break The Oath
CandlemassSolitudeEpicus Doomicus Metallicus
TroublePray For The DeadThe Skull
Trail Of TearsDriven Thought The RuinsProfundemonium
Count RavenThe Final JourneyDestruction Of The Void
Theatre Of TragedyThe Masquerader And PhoenixVelvet Darkness They Fear
ThalarianIcon Of HopelessnessFour Elements Mysterium
They SerpentParasitesDeath
Shape Of DespairDown Into The StreamShades Of
SilentiumRedemptionIn Finita Plange Vulnera
SaturnusParadise Belongs To YouParadise Belongs To You
NemesisBlack Stone WeilderThe Day Of Retribution
EsotericAwaiting My DeathEpistemological Despondency
PrimordialGods To The GodlessSpirit The Earth Aflame
EvokenIn PestilenceQuitus
Paradise LostGothicGothic
King Diamond7th Day Of July 1777Abigail
CasketSuperior To AllUnder The Surface

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