Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Jan 7, 2001

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
King DiamondWelcome HomeThem
DarkwellThe RejuvinationSusperia
SanctuaryBattle AngelsRefuge Denied
Mercyful FateDangerous MeetingLive Oath
EsotericStygian NarcosisPernicious Enigma
TristitiaChristianic IndulgenceCrucidiction
CandlemassA Cry From The CryptAncient Dreams
PrimordialChildren Of The HarvestSpirit The Earth Aflame
Theatre Of TragedyBring Forth Ye ShadowVelvet Darkness They Fear
Mercyful FateInto The CovenLive
Type O NegativeSuspended In DuskEp
DesecratorCorpse By DayDemo
Gloomy GrimBloodReborn Through Hate
Cryptal DarknessAll That RemainsThey Whispered You Had Risen
My Dying BrideThe Bitterness And The BereavementAs The Flower Withers
DolorianWith ScornWhen All The Laughter Has Gone
ElendEdenLes Tenebres Du Dehors
ParzivalMaltaAd Lucem Per Crucem
Mercyful FateSatan's FallMelissa
CandlemassDemon's GateEpicus Doomicus Metallicus
AnathemaUnder A Veil Of Black LaceSerenades
ThergothonEverlastingStream From The Heavens
EvilutionNailed To The CrossShrine Of Desecration

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