Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Nov 5, 2000

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)

BrutalityDestroyed By SocietyIn Mourning
Mercyful FateThe OathLive
Green CarnationShatteredJourney To The End Of The Night
Coph NiaBlue Lidded Daughter Of SunsetCoph Nia
CryptopsyAnd Then It PassesAnd Then You'll Beg
HouwitserStabbing OverdoseEmbrace Damnation
NatronSleep DeadBedtime For Mercy
MiseryThere Is No GodCurses
Morbid AngelHe Who SleepsGateways To Annihilation
Pathology StenchCircus Of HumanityMutante
Thy SerpentDeathbearerDeath
MalignancyCystic FibrosisMotivated By Hunger
IncestuousIn Blasphemous TongueBrass Knuckle Abortion
CenturianBlasphemy Of The Holy GhostScream Forth Blasphemy
DestructionTears Of BloodAs Hell Breaks Losse
Raise HellDance With The DevilNot Dead Yet
OpprobriumDigitrapDiscerning Forces
ArtrosisMyPosrod Kwiatow I Ciena
ThanatosIn Utter DarknessAngelic Encounters
NileTo Dream Of UrBlack Seeds Of Vengeance
AntropomorphagusLoving You In DecayNo Waste Of Flesh
Mercyful FateSatans's FallLive
PurgatoryDamned And BetrayedPurgatory
MayhemFrom The Dark PastMediolanum Capta Est
Mercyful FateA Dangerous MeetingLive
SuffocationCatatoniaDespise The Sun
SeanceControlled BleedingSaltrubbed Eyes
My Dying BrideThe Sexuality Of BereavementTrinity
ThergothonEverlastingStream From The Heavens
TristitiaDance Of The SelenitesOne With Darkness
DuskThy Bitter WoeMajestic Thou In Ruin
Amon AmarthVictorious MarchOnce Sent From The Golden Halls
EsotericBereftEpistemological Despondency

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