Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Sept 13, 2000

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
CandlemassWell Of SoulsNightfall
Mercyful FateWelcome Princess Of HellDon't Break The Oath
WarcryWicked WarlockDemo
MacabreJeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate FactoryDahmer
NileStones Of SorrowAmongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka
AggressorMedieval RitesMedieval Rites
MalignancyMotivated By HungerMotivated By Hunger
Napoleon XivSplit Level HeadThe Second Coming
Theatre Of TragedyBlack As The Devil PaintethRose For The Dead
Paradise LostAs I DieShades Of God
Ray BrunelleMrs Fletcher WaltzLet's All Go To Hell
Within TemptationThe Other Half Of MeThe Dance
Jag PanzerThe CrucifixAmple Destruction
PanzerchristY2kriegSoul Collector
Duran DuranView To A KillDecade
Thy PrimordialThe Heresy Of An Age Of ReasonThe Heresy Of An Age Of Reason
Cliff RichardWe Don't Talk AnymorePrivate Collection
IniquitySpectral ScentSeranadium
The CarsI'm In Touch With Your WorldThe Cars
SuffocationDevoid Of TruthDespise The Sun
The CureClose To MeHead On The Door
ObituaryStinkupussSlowly We Rot
IncestuousIn Blasphemous TongueBrass Knuckle Abortion
My Dying BrideThe Sexuality Of BereavementTrinity
ThergothonWho Rides The Astral WingsStream From The Heavens
Celtic FrostThe UsurperTo Mega Therion
BathoryBlood On IceBlood On Ice
Malevolent CreationImpaled ExistenceTen Commandments
BloodthornThe Brighter The Light, The Darker The ShadowOnward Into Battle
Whirler Of FateWhen Your Dear God Falls To Perishment?
CoercionCarve The StoneDelete
ThornsAerie DescentThorns Versus Emperor
Parzival1314Ad Lucem Per Crucem
Celestial SeasonCherish My PainForever Scarlet Season
Shape Of DespairDown Into The StreamShades Of...
ElendLes Tenebres Du DehorsLes Tenebres Du Dehors

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