Vortex of Chaos 8/2/00 Hosted by Bill zebub Vortex of Chaos Playlists for August 2, 2000

Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for August 2, 2000

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ArtistSongAlbum (format)
King DiamondA Visit From The DeadConspiracy
AbortedSea Of CartilageSplit
Paradise LostGothicGothic
Gloomy GrimRevelation666Life?
SkinlessExtermination Of My Filthy SpeciesProgression Towards Evil
Theatre Of TragedyDer Tanz Der SchattenShaped Disc
Celtic FrostProcreation Of The WickedMorbid Tales
Deep RedCreation .44Yours In Murder
Mercyful FateNightmareDon't Break The Oath
DeathLiving MonstrositySpiritual Healing
FleshgrindSordid DegradationDestined For Defilement
My Dying BrideErotic LiteratureAs The Flower Withers
Edge Of SanityEnigmaUnorthodox
MiseryAll That Is EvilRevel In Blasphemy
CenotaphParalyzed...Puked In Purulency
Mercyful FateBlack FuneralThe Beginning
AmorphisPrivelege Of EvilPrivilege Of Evil
SlayerAngel Of DeathReign In Blood
SeanceWho Will Not Be DeadForever Laid To Rest
AtrocityUnspoken NamesLonging For Death
BloodthornDeath To A KingOnward Into Battle
PessimistDrunk With The Blood Of The SaintsCult Of The Initiated
InsatanityMortificationVengeance From Beyond The Grave
Shape Of DespairDown In The StreamShades Of...
Terry JacksSeasons In The SunHave A Nice Day Volume 12
In The WoodsI Am Your FleshOmnio

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