Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for July 19, 2000

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Mercyful FateSatan's FallMelissa
CenotaphParalyzed...Puked In Purulency
MotorheadOrgasmatronBest Of
SinisterCorridors Of The AbyssCross The Styx
Pungent StenchWhy Can't The Bodies Fly?Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats
Upside Down CrossUpside Down CrossUpside Down Cross
Napoleon XivCan You Dig It?The Second Coming
CoronerTunnel Of PainNo More Color
Napalm DeathMass Appeal MadnessDeath By Manipulation
OzFire In The BrainFire In The Brain
Mercyful FateLady In BlackTime
Righteous PigsOpen WoundStress Related
Paradise LostWeeping WordsIcon
Theory In PracticeDehumanizedArmageddon Theories
SodomSkinned AliveTapping The Vein
Melancholy PessimismBrisketInconsistent World
Morbid AngelChapel Of GhoulsAltars Of Madness
Cephalic CrnageJesus SavesGateway To Hell 2
AtheistMother ManUnquestionable Presence
DeicideBible BasherInsineratehymn
DeathrowNarcoticDeception Ignored
ConfessorLast JudgementConfessor

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