Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for July 5, 2000

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Thy SerpentWounds Of DeathDeath
Gloomy GrimWarBlood Monsters Darkness
DevoPeekabooBest Of
King DiamondTwo Little GirlsThe Eye
David BowieMr. GravediggerRock Reflections
King DiamondBehind These WallsThe Eye
Cultus SanguineAs A Funeral InsideThe Sum Of All Fears
G/Z/R/Seance FictionPlastic Planet
Tom StankusExistential BluesDr Demento 20th Anniversary
ImmolationThe Devil I KnowFalures For Gods
Blood AxisReign I Forward?
Cannibal CorpseHammersmashed FaceTomb Of The Mutilated
TristitiaDance Fo The SelenitesOne With Darkness
Disharmonic OrchestraAccelerated EvolutionExpositions Prphylaxe
Dead Can DanceThe Host Of SeraphimThe Serpent's Egg
Mercyful FateBurning The CrossReturn Of The Vampire
DeicideForever Hate YouInsineratehymn
KataklysmThe Unknown SignatureTemple Of Knowledge
Duran DuranPlanet EarthDecade
MiseryPlague Of HumanityRevel In Blasphemy
PyrexiaConfrontationSystem Of The Animal
DichoticSolely On OppositesCollapse Into Despair
IniquitySpectral SerpentSeranadium
MalignancyIntestinal SodomyIntrauterine Cannibalism
ImmortalMighty RavendarkBattles In The North
Broken HopeTranslucentLoathing
Obituary Deadly IntentionsSlowly We Rot
WarcryWicked WarlockDemo
ThergothonElementalStream From The Heavens
NecrophagiaDevil EyesUnholy Sounds Of Demon Bells
Mercyful FateGypsyDon't Break The Oath
SkepticismSign Of A StormStormcrowfleet
AmorphisPrivelege Of EvilPrivelege Of Evil
CemetarySouldrainAn Evil Shade Of Gray

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