Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for June 28, 2000

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
BethlehemDie Anarchische Befriengder AugenzenrelionDictius Te Necare
EsotericAllegianceThe Pernicious Enigma
Mercyful FateDevil EyesThe Beginning
KorovaOur Reality DissolvesDead Like An Angel
MacabreJeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate FactoryDahmer
GoatGoat's RevengeSacred Pilgrim
Theatre Of TragedyBlack As The Devil PaintethVelvet Darkness They Fear
Lisa GerrardGlorafinThe Mirror Pool
BrickCarrionSecured In Darkness
Don HoTiny BubblesGreatest Hits
AbortedEructations Of Carnal ArtistrySplit
BathoryBaptized In Fire And IceHammerheart
A Flock Of SeagullsI RanBest Of
IniquityPrphesy Of The Dying WatcherSeranadium
WeenDon't Laugh, I Love YouGod Satan
Deep RedBeyond DeceptionYours In Murder
JethrosLoving YouLove Musix
Mercyful FateBlack FuneralMelissa
BloodfeastHitler Painted RosesChopping Block Blues
CarnivoreJesus HitlerRetaliation
EurythmicsLove Is A StrangerSweet Dreams Are Made Of This
DerangedClib AxeRated X
Parzival1314Ad Lucem Per Crucem
Shape Of DespairDown In The StreamShades Of...
TroubleLast JudgementMetal Massacre 4
CathedralA Funeral RequestCosmic Requiem
BloodthornThe Brighter The Light The Darker The ShadowOnwards Into Battle
Sad LegendUtter Emptiness Of The Dusk Fallen LakeSad Legend
Count RavenAngel Of DeathDestruction Of The Void

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