Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for June 14, 2000

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
AtrocityGodless YearsLonging For Death
BethlehemSchatten Aus Der Alexander WeltDictius Te Necare
VenomManitouCast In Stone
MacabreJeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate FactoryDahmer
DeicideDead By Dawn'Deicide
AbbaKnowing Me, Knowing YouGold
CenotaphMuflssvdPuked In Purulency
Dead Can DanceCantaraWithin The Realm Of Ther Dying Sun
Celestial SeasonSoft Embalmer Of The Still MidnightSolar Lovers
ObituaryGodly BeingsSlowly We Rot
Hyper ChuetMr CrowleyDeath To False Metal 2
Theatre Of TragedyThe Masquerader & PhoenixVelvet Darkenss They Fear
TherionThe Crowning Of AtlantisCrowning Of Atlantis
Mercyful FateMelissaMelissa
Mass PsychosisFaceFace
Phone CrazyDial A PrayerVolume Ii
Christ DeniedBetter Impaled Than CrucifiedSplit
Cliff RichardWe Don't Talk Anymore7" Remix
Pungent StenchSplatterday Night FeverBeen Caught Buttering
JethrosClose To YouLove Musix
Mortal DecayOpening The GravesA Gathering Of Human Artifacts
Upside Down CrossUpside Down CrossUpside Down Cross
ImmolationFor Those Left BehindDawn Of Possession
DeathGenetic ReconstructionSpiritual Healing
WeenLittle BirdyTotal Guava
FleshgrindBurning Your WorldDestined For Defilement
Mercyful FateReturn Of The VampireLive
TroubleThe SkullThe Skull
Ogden EdslDead PuppiesDr. Demento 20th
Septic FleshSo Clean, So EemptyEsontpon
ThalarianCold Waters Of Turbulent TorrentsFour Elements Mysterium
MorgothWhite GalleryThe Eternal Fall

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