Vortex of Chaos (with Bill Zebub)
Set Lists for Apr 14, 2000

ArtistSongAlbum (format)

Mercyful FateDesecration Of SoulsDon't Break The Oath
CandlemassBlack Stone WeilderEpicus Doomicus Metallicus
Jag PanzerLicensed To KillAmple Destruction
Theatre Of TragedyDer Tanz Der SchattenVelvet Darkness They Fear
OzTurn The Cross Upside DownScandinavian Metal Attack
Celtic FrostThe UsurperParched With Thirst Am I...
TristitiaFinal LamentCrucidiction
Poema ArcanusDesde El EmbralArcane Xiii
Shape Of DespairWound HeirShades Of...
Christ DeniedBetter Impaled Than CrucifiedSplit
Mass PsychosisNecropornoNecroporno
AbortedEructations Of Carnal ArtistrySplit
Mortal DecayGrisly AftermathA Gathering Of Human Artifacts
KrisiunIron StakesConquerors Of Armageddon
The ChasmReturn Of The BanishedProcession To The Infraworld
Sabbatic FeastBodies Never FoundScaling The Vortex
ImpaledFlesh & BloodThe Dead Shall Dead Remain
FleshgrindLurid ImpurityDestined For Defilement
UsurperCharonVisions From The Gods
Mercyful FateNight Of The UnbornDon't Break The Oath
KataklysmMould In A BreedSorcery
Wicked InnocenceTotalityOmnipotence
Amon AmarthWithout FearOnce Sent...
Winds Of SiriusWise Men Keep Silent?
EvensongThe Conquering WormOf Mankind's First Disobedience
Rain Fell WithinBelieveBelieve
TristaniaOf Ruins And NightfallBeyond The Veil
Carnival In CoalBaker StreetFrench Cancan
ThergothonYet The Watchers GuardStream From The Heavens
UnholyAirThe Second Ring Of Power
AnathemaSleep In SanitySerenades
Paradise LostEternalGothic
ParadigmaCome WinterSkadi

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