Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

December 9, 2001

with Steve Liesch as co-DJ
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God Gave Me Everything - Mick Jagger
God Is A Groovy Guy - Fish Karma
Fly By Nighter - The Wyld
I Will Make History - The Surprize

Je Suis Une Poupee - Stereo Total
When She Cries For Me - The Sands Of Time
Hitsburg USA - The Fleshtones
You Know, You Know - The Sultans Five
Wedding Of The Bugs - Robbie Fulks

Freak Show - The Freeze
Love At Psychedelic Velocity - The Human Expression
Dance With Death - Lou Miami
Just Like I Want Her - The Ravenz
I Go Like The Raven - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

Crystal Ball - The Nomads
I Think I'm Down - The Harbinger Complex
Sticks And Stones - The Headcoatees
Scarey Business - The Electric Company
Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives

Great Lost Tunes - The Golden Syrup Lovers
She's Gone - The Blues Company
Give And Take - The Mutants
Look What You're Don' - The Rationals
The Same - The Lucky

Till The End Of Time - The Buff Medways
Lost One - The Wyld
It's Alright With Me - Scared Of Chaka
Goin' Out Of My Mind - The Sinners
Tabu - Susan & the Surftones

I Dunno - Thee Wytches
See If I Care - Ken & the Fourth Dimension
Good Ship Down - D Generation
The Chocolate Moose Theme - The Chocolate Moose
Zebra Club - The Bongos
Declaration Of Independence - The Count Five
Thinkin' About You - The Checkmates International
Up In My Mind - The Spontaneous Generation

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