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Playlist for Sept 10, 2001

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N/A (excerpts) GHOST ORCHID: An Introduction to EVP
Leif Elggren "Talking to a Dead Queen" TALKING TO A DEAD QUEEN
w/ Pahjib "Infinite Pulse A" V/A FIT FOR KINGS Series 2
Gun safety PSA - -
Strangulated Beatoffs "Exorcist" PORKY THE PIG & BESS double 7"
Gun safety PSA - -
Dwight Frizzell & Harry S. Truman "Black Hawk Waltz 1" BULLFROG DEVILDOG PRESIDENT
Gun safety PSA - -
Dwight Frizzell & Harry S. Truman "Black Hawk Waltz 3" BULLFROG DEVILDOG PRESIDENT

Throbbing Gristle "(untitled)" GRIEF
w/ The Human League "Love Action (I Believe in Love)" DARE
Flaming Fire "In The Summertime When Everything is Holy" GET OLD & DIE WITH FLAMING FIRE
Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy, Pappy Mix" COME TO DADDY
Rush "What You're Doing" S/T
Oneida "Steel Rod" STEEL ROD ep
Brother JT "UR" WAY TO GO
Rube Waddell "Oh Death" STINK BAIT
Sparklehorse w/ Tom Waits "Dog Door" IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE
Blue Oyster Cult "She's as Beautiful as a Foot" S/T

Cromagnon "Caledonia" ORGASM
Paris 1942 "Long Gone" S/T
Jackie O Motherfucker "Beautiful September ( We Are Going There)" FIG. 5
Television Personalities "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives" ...AND DON'T THE KIDS JUST LOVE IT
Bobby Conn "Axis '67 pt. 1" S/T

Keith Fullerton Whitman "(untitled)" 21:30 FOR ACOUSTIC GUITAR
Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins "Sawney Bean / Sawney's Death Dance" NIGHT OF DESIRABLE OBJECTS
Gary Panter & Jay Cotton "(a buncha excerpts)" ONE HELL SOUNDWICH
w/ Outer Sound Project "(untitled excerpt)" S/T
Tuba Mirum Unlimited, Inc. "Tubist or Not Tubist" S/T
Mercury Rev "Lincoln's Eyes" ALL IS DREAM
Clinic "Porno / Voot" S/T
Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters "Tonight You Belong to Me" THE JERK

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