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Playlist for Aug 20,2001

Improvisational Drone and Other Marital Aids
w/ Special live guests CLIENT/SERVER

Hear this show!
(two radio dopes try to interview Nik Turner)..
The Future Sound of London "Spineless Jelly" V/A SPACE DAZE 2000
Agness "The Sixth Toe" LOVE ALICE
Kendra Smith "Bold Marauder" FIVE WAYS OF DISAPPEARING
Super Furry Animals "Dim brys, Dim chwys" V/A TRISKEDEKAPHILIA
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Y bachgen oedd yn dwyn fy prynhawn" V/A TRISKEDEKAPHILIA

Einsturzende Neubauten "12305 (te nacht)" TABULA RASA
Alban Berg "Lulu Suite Conclusion: Adagio" VIENNA PHILHARMONIC
Stan Kay & the Goldstar Repertory Group "Jaws of the Shark" JAWS OF THE SHARK
w/ Gavin Bryars "The Sinking of the Titanic (excerpts)" THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC
w/ The Museum of Natural History shark chat
w/ Jean Ritchie "Careless Love" (sorry - forgot the album title!)
w/ Mrs. Otto Rindlisbacher "The Pinery Boy" V/A FOLK MUSIC FROM WISCONSIN
Hamilton Lobdell "Reuben Wright & Phoebe Brown" V/A FOLK MUSIC FROM WISCONSIN
CLIENT/SERVER performs a live set
Client/Server comprises Jennifer DeForge and Tom Guttadauro, a married couple from Massachessetts. They've come down to our love room tonight equipped with nothing more than a sampler, an electric guitar, and one lonely kaiju (goes by the name "Godzilla"). Sustaining drones over 3 or 4 minutes before adding any new textures, they display an amazing sense of patience and a willingness to let their seemingly-(but-not) spontaneous compositions grow organically.

Jennifer manipulated a sampler, Tom played a guitar, Godzilla watched - and they called it this:

  • Shitty Old Milk
  • 9V
  • Outsourced
  • Seven Stars
  • Charisma
  • Ceecilweed
Back home in Mass., Client/Server have been busy recording and providing live soundtracks for silent films, including Greta Garbo's 1st film "Flesh and the Devil".
They've got several CDs available at their website - go check it out! It's right here:

Thanks to Client/Server for an amazing set tonight! Thanks also to Chris Stubbs for another bang-up engineering job; and always to Brian Turner for sending all the great bands my way!

Donovan "Peregrine" HURDY GURDY MAN
Racquet "Male Pisces (Chump)" SEX WITHOUT APOLOGY ep
Chitlin Fooks "Precious Memories" S/T
Agnes Macintosh "I've Made a Bold Decision" SIMPLE SOUND FOR A SIMPLE TEXT
w/ Dawson Prater "Walking Around" V/A IAMAPHOTOGRAPHER: Tribute to Antonioni's Blow Up
w/ Jandek "Yes You Are" THIS NARROW ROAD
John Cale "Big White Cloud" VINTAGE VIOLENCE

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