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Playlist for Aug 13, 2001

They Wouldn't Play THAT on WFMU.... would they?

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Hector Berlioz "Dream of the Witches' Sabbath" from Symphonie Fantastique MITROPOULOS CONDUCTS NY PHILHARMONIC
Brown Whornet "(untitled)" RADIO ABLUM
Swans "Nobody" GREED
Cavendish Sanguine "South Stack" VITRIOL CRUSTS
David Amram Quintet "Satyricon" V/A AMARCORD NINO ROTA
Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch "Battle & Aftermath / Gloria Patri" LUX VIVENS - Music of Hildegard von Bingen
Psychic TV "Botanica / Iron Glove / Always is Always" DREAMS LESS SWEET
Red Bennies "Gotta Bite My Lip" V/A 2000/2001 RAWK PARTY - Vaccination Records Sampler

Mercury Rev "Coney Island Cyclone" YERSELF IS STEAM
N/A (various sounds of the boardwalk & penny arcades) SOUNDS FOR LITTLE ONES
w/ a player piano "Boots & Saddle" MUSEE MECANIQUE
Debris "One Way Spit" STATIC DISPOSAL
Major Organ & The Adding Machine "Abe Lincoln's Moustache / Powdered Abe Lincoln / Life Form (Transmission Received)" S/T
w/ Volunteer Vinay (excerpts) VINAY MOANS IN THE NIGHT cassette
Make Up "I Am Pentagon" SAVE YOURSELF
Keith Moon "When I'm 64" V/A ALL THIS & WORLD WAR 2 sdtk
GrndNtl Brnds "Lovesong for the Tolltaker" COMMUNICATING FOR INFLUENCE
Frankie Valli "A Day in the Life" V/A ALL THIS & WORLD WAR 2 sdtk

Berkowitz, Lake & Dahmer "Cyan Krilp Vipers" MISSIONARY DISTRICT
Sonic Youth "Electricity" V/A FAST & BULBOUS: Tribute to Captain Beefheart
Psychatrone Rhonedakk "May the Circle Remain Unbroken" KEEP ON PSYCHEDELIC MIND!
w/ Uncle Cousin "Happy Am I (excerpt)" FLYIN' HI WITH UNCLE COUSIN
Velvet Underground "Heroin" VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO
Ween "What Deaner Was Talking About" CHOCOLATE & CHEESE

Kinski "Kinski Fear Mogwai" (live at WFMU 10-20-00)
Daryll-Ann "Elegy" WEEPS
Fantomas "Vendetta" THE DIRECTOR'S CUT
Flaming Fire (untitled hidden track) GET OLD AND DIE WITH FLAMING FIRE
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "Unfree Child" VOL. 2
Santa Sangre "Bury Your Dreams" FEAST FOR THE NEW GODS
M. Ward "End of Amnesia" END OF AMNESIA
Client/Server "Devil Flesh" FLESH AND THE DEVIL: Music for a Live Soundtrack
Edith Frost "True" WONDER WONDER
Paul Giovanni "Hum" THE WICKER MAN sdtk
Home "Raising Tide" 9

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