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Playlist for August 6th, 2001

We Don't Distill - We Objectify!

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Avey Tare & Panda Bear & The Geologist "Forest Gospel" (live at WFMU 2-9-01)
Palace "Black/Rich Tune" V/A SUCCOUR: The Ptolemaic Terrascope Benefit
Monstrare "isf et" ISF ET
Red House Painters "Fly Away" V/A TAKE ME HOME: Tribute to John Denver

Sissy Spacek "John You Went Too Far This Time" V/A HOLLYWOOD HI FI
Angio Loratotino "Rumore d'Ombra" V/A BABBLE: Donna's 2001 WFMU Marathon Premium
Hawkwind "10 Seconds of Forever / Brainstorm" SPACE RITUAL
Lee Ranaldo "Isolation" AMARILLO RAMP - for Robert Smithson
Jackie-O Motherfucker "(as yet untitled)" THE MAGICK FIRE MUSIC
The Kinks "Lazy Old Sun" V/A HOT SMOKE & SASSAFRAS
The Residents "Matchmaker" V/A KNITTING ON THE ROOF
Ken Freedman "Baby Elephant Walk" V/A MORE MUSIC, LESS PARKING: Live at WFMU

Psychic TV "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" V/A THE BRIDGE: Tribute to Neil Young
Disc / Matmos / Lucky Kitchen Collective "Stealing Shit to Sample from Brian Turner's Desk" V/A MORE MUSIC, LESS PARKING: Live at WFMU
John Schnall "Everything's Falling Down" SONGS FROM MIDNIGHT MATINEE
The Frogs "Vacation" V/A UNSEALED: Tribute to the Go Gos
Pink Filth "The True Wheel" SUGARSHOCK
Lol Coxhill "A Quarter for The Asteroids" V/A UPSALAPALOOZA: Live at WFMU
Kinski "Tremolo" live at WFMU 10-20-01
My Bloody Valentine "Map Ref. 41deg. N 93deg. W" V/A WHORE: trib. to Wire
Jeff Buckley / Gary Lucas: Gods & Monsters "Farewell Angelina" V/A THEY CAME, THEY PLAYED, THEY BLOCKED THE DRIVEWAY: Live at WFMU

cLOUDDEAD "(unknown)" S/T
Irwin Chusid w/ The Hoof and Mouth Sinfonia "Next!" live at WFMU 3-01
A.A. Allen Miracle Revival Ministries (more exorcisms) CRYING DEMONS
Ronnie Ronalde "Bells Across the Meadow" EMI PRESENTS THE MAGIC OF...
4tRECk "No No No No" NO. 4
Azalia Snail "Making It" BROKEN ARROWS
Special Moments "The Brothers is Back" V/A MORE MUSIC, LESS PARKING: Live at WFMU

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