Scott Williams

Monday evenings 8PM - 11PM

Playlist for July 9th, 2001

Sweet Mama, I Hate Them Poets

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Za Frumi "Za Ismael Kala (Act 2)" ZA SHUM USHATAR UGLAKH
Sonic Catering Band "Remix: Gregory Kurcewicz & Daniel Hayhurst 'Composition No. 1" ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES
Zappa / Mothers "Didja Get Any Onya?" WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH
Zappa / Mothers "Magic Fingers" 200 MOTELS sdtk
Betty Davis "Anti Love Song" V/A FUNK ROCK
Whirlwind Heat "Decal on My Sticker" V/A SYMPATHETIC SOUNDS OF DETROIT
Kanada "Skop Konunnar" S/T
Incredible String Band "My Father Was A Lighthouse Keeper" EARTHSPAN
Rene Bertholo "Um passeio ao domingo" UM ARGENTINO NO DESERTO
Eltro "Some Vital Function" VELODROME
Za Frumi "Knish Requiem (outro)" ZA SHUM USHATAR UGLAKH

Mainliner "Imaginative Plain" IMAGINATIVE PLAIN
White Stripes "Red Death at 6:14" V/A SYMPATHETIC SOUNDS OF DETROIT
Neu! "Super" 2
Orange Twin Field Works "(untitled excerpt)" VOLUME 1
Golden Device "Custard or Pus" V/A REBIRTH OF FOOL Vol 2
Anaphylaxis "Kate Smith" V/A SONGS FOR AMERICA
Michael J. Bowman "Middle America Rediscovers Heroin" V/A SONGS FOR AMERICA
w/ Krzysztof Penderecki "De Natura Sonoris No. 2" THE SHINING sdtk
Art of Flying "Fossil Fish: a. go tell it on the mountain b. war opens-
the sky c. leave nothing" GALALA-
Henry Hall & The Gleneagles Hotel Band "Home" THE SHINING sdtk

John Coltrane "Om, part 2" OM
Stoned Hippie MC with Chicken, Glastonbury 1970 (untitled) V/A SHUT UP & PLAY, Brian Turner's 2001 WFMU Marathon Premium
Gorky's Zugotic Mynci "Patio Song" BARAFUNDLE

Chitlin Fooks "Juanita" S/T
Beta Band "Al Sharp" HOT SHOTS 2
Tea & Symphony "Maybe My Mind (With Egg)" V/A PICNIC Harvest Records sampler
Steven Miller "The Flow of Time" V/A ALBUZERXQUE Vol 3
Psychic TV "Botanica / Iron Glove" DREAMS LESS SWEET
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "I Won't Hurt You" PART ONE
Frequent Animation "Aureola's Area" DECODA

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