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Playlist for April 27, 2001

Autonomous RS-12

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Earth Trumpet "Earth Trumpet 3" EARTH TRUMPET
Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre "Johnny, Are You Queer?" SMASHED CANDY
w/ Six Boys in Trouble "Gang Fight" FOLKWAYS' STREET & GANGLAND RHYTHMS
Holland "White Hot Minimal / Sparks" DRUMS
Pleaseeasaur "Sexy Lip Hair" AS SEEN ON TV
Aufgehoben No Process "Rolling Sovatto" THE VIOLENCE OF APPROPRIATION
Robomaster "Stellar Drizzul" THE UNDISCOVERED TAPES

Kinski "Daydream Intonation" BE GENTLE WITH THE WARM TURTLE
Pendro "Apparition" INFUSORIUM
Stock, Hausen & Walkman "Sphincter" V/A MEDICAL MILESTONES
Robomaster "Clay Ball #2" THE UNDISCOVERED TAPES
Stock, Hausen & Walkman "Fisticuffs" V/A MEDICAL MILESTONES
Guyana Punch Line "Better Off Dead" IRRITAINMENT
The Educators "Lying Pervert Pothead" EP
Kiila "Holy Melancholy" HEARTCORE
Budi und Gumbls "Was ist die Zeit" HMMM....
Skyhooks "You Just Like Me Cos I'm Good In Bed" EGO IS NOT A DIRTY WORD

Client / Server "Pink River (Retsin)" EIN EP
Eric Burdon & The Animals "Madman/Gemini (excerpts)" LOVE IS
Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers "Flower Girl" (I REMEMBER) THE DAY SMARTY MARCHED INTO TOWN
The Gwens ??(track 19) DEVIL'S CLIFF
Kawabata Makoto "Nishinihon" PRIVATE TAPES 3
Low "Venus" K. / LOW ep

The Phigg Newtons "Have You Never Been Mellow?" V/A 70S MUTATION
Danielson "Good News for the Pus Pickers" FETCH THE COMPASS KIDS
Shel Silverstein "Don't Give a Dose to the One You Love Most" FREAKIN AT THE FREAKERS BALL
Frank Sinatra "Nature Boy" RARITIES
Umlaut "Drifting" MORPHEUS
Knifehandchop (untitled) an orange 7"
Jeff McLeod "Hello, My Flies..." YE SHALL BE CUT INTO MANY PIECES
Bruce Haack "Ancient Mariner" ELECTRIC LUCIFER BOOK 2
Liars "You Know I Hate Stupid Phones" (demo)

Kaleidoscope "Beacon From Mars" A BEACON FROM MARS

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