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Playlist for April 13th, 2001

Good Friday Bad DJ
w/ special live guests MUMBLE & PEG

Hear this show!
Plastic People of the Universe "Toxika" EGON BONDY'S HAPPY HEARTS CLUB BANNED
Kiila "Verbranntes Land" HEARTCORE
Cerberus Shoal "Garden Fly, Drip Eye" ep
Ectogram "Opal Soft Green Kumquat of the Sun" split ep FUXA VS. ECTOGRAM
Bobby Callender "The Bodhi Tree" THE WAY (FIRST BOOK OF EXPERIENCES)

The Microphones "Between Your Ear and the Other Ear" IT WAS HOT, WE STAYED IN THE WATER
Electricity feat. Fire Eater "Dunia Wanja wa Fujo" V/A EXTREME MUSIC FROM AFRICA
Mr Mustafio has no comment - -
w/ Oompa Loompa songs - -
n/a "Food Safety PSAs 1975" V/A MAC FMU COMP Vol. 1
The Black Hole Laughed "??" THIS IS GRIM TUNNEL
w/ "Walt Disney World Main Street Electrical Parade" MAC FMU COMP Vol 1-
A Warm Palindrome "1/2 Powder'd" V/A 3 OWLS, 6 EARS
Troum "Mada Shaunda" TJUKURRPA
w/ Paul Harvey "(excerpts)" THE UNCOMMON MAN
Micromars "Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me a Casio?" METRO

The Crowns "Shallow End" V/A CALLING ALL KINGS & QUEENS
Mother Hips "Channel Island Girl" GREEN HILLS OF EARTH

Mumble & Peg come to us all the way from Oakland, CA - where all the artists from San Francisco have been forced to go. They're here today as ambassadors for Oakland's amazing Vaccination stable of artists, which includes Idiot Flesh, Giant Ant Farm, Charming Hostess, Red Bennies, Rube Waddell & so many more. Mumble & Peg cover the angry acoustic territory. Here's what they done today:
  • Ever After
  • Less Actively
  • Mountain
  • Breathe Deep
  • Gentleman's Life Crime
  • Lifespan
  • Handwritten Mail
  • Circles
  • Bobby Smoove is Dead
  • Doing Spending Time
And here's the folks:
  • Erik Carter - Acoustic guitar & vocals
  • Matt Lebofsky - Bass, keyboard & vocals on "Lifespan"
  • Jenya Chernoff - Drums & Elastoplast
Jenya also plays with Mark Growden's Electric Pinata; Matt also plays with Job and Species Being (remember them from October?); all 3 do time in a noise doppelganger called Pummel & Beg.

Mumble & Peg's new album is "All My Waking Moments in a Jar", on Vaccination Records. All their recordings are available at Also check out their own website at

Thanks so much to Mumble & Peg! Also thanks to Jesse Cannon for doing yet another amazing engineering job. And thanks to Brian Turner as always for getting them here.

n/a "Avon Flight to Fantasy - A Musical Fantasy for Avon Representatives" V/A MAC FMU COMP Vol 1
Los Dug Dugs "Let's Make it Now" DUG DUGS
Joe Meek "I Hear a New World" I HEAR A NEW WORLD
Knoxville Girls "Any Reason to Celebrate" IN A PAPER SUIT
Unwound "We Invent You" LEAVES TURN INSIDE YOU
Harvey Sid Fisher & Nikki Davis "Money" BATTLE OF THE SEXES

Thinking Fellers' Union Local 282 "In the Stars I Can Sizzle Like a Battery" BOB DINNERS & LARRY NOODLES PRESENT TUBBY TURDNER'S CELEBRITY AVALANCHE

Freakin with Ziggy--

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