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Playlist for March 16th, 2001

Live from Shruti's Box

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Weird War "I'll Never Forget What's-his-name" V/A COLONEL JEFFREY PUMPERNICKEL
Hopewell "Anthema" split LP
Shady "Narcotic Candy" 10" single
Friends of Mescalito "Dark Darker Darkest" DARK DARKER DARKEST
Tarpigh "The Clown" MONSIEUR MONSOON
The Modern Lovers "She Cracked" S/T
Mz. Pak Man "Oh! No!" OH SHIT, IT'S MZ. PAK MAN!

Projekt Karpaty Magiczne "Maszop (remix)" DENEGA
Cavendish Sanguine "Helium Veneer" TRANSMUTATION
Sussan Deyhim "Excerpt from Soliloquy" V/A SELECTIONS FROM BIT STREAM
The Soft Machine "Why Am I So Short? / So Boot if at all" S/T
Blacklight Braille "Joe Joe Chopped off His Toe" DIETLES TAVERN TO SHADOWLAND

Poor Luther's Bones "Henry Hite" HENRY HITE
The Soft Boys "Vegetable Man" UNDERWATER MOONLIGHT bonus cut
Pink Floyd "Lucifer Sam" PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN
Snakefinger "Smelly Tongues" V/A EYESORE: A Stab at The Residents
Macha "He Remembers His Burial At Sea" V/A COL. JEFFREY PUMPERNICKEL
Nilsson "Jump Into the Fire" NILSSON SCHMILSSON


Sprouting from Poland's Enviro-Politico-Psych legends ATMAN, Projekt Karpaty Magiczne makes its debut US appearance today - on WFMU. Lucky us, indeed! Before heading off to Austin for the SXSW fest, and an instore appearance at Other Music, PKM graced us with a captivating hour-long set. And here it is:

  • One Mother
  • The Magic Carpathians
  • Mountains Above Clouds
  • Ragana's Story
  • Lullaby For Rainbow Warrior
  • Bluff
  • Dance
  • Under a Northern Sky
  • Vydunas
The Magic Carpathians Project:
  • Anna Nacher: Voice, guitar, Shruti Box and funny little plucky box
  • Marek Styczynski: Chenai, didgeridoo, jew's harp, lotsa wooden reed instruments, lotsa funny toys, fake laser gun and Alf keychain
  • Tomasz Radziuk: Bass guitar
  • Jan Kubek: tabla & much other percussion
Thanks so much to the group for letting us host their American Coming-Out party! Thanks also to Darren Mock of Drunken Fish for bringing them; Rich Hazelton & Tamar Rothenberg for being a most-transfixed audience; and Irene Trudel & Chris Stubbs for making the Magic Carpathians sound so great on the radio! Thanks also to Our Man Brian Turner and Tamizdat's Heather Mount for coordinating everything.

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