Scott Williams

Friday afternoons 3PM - 6PM

Playlist for Mar 2, 2001


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Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer "Djinn Hole" DRAIN SALMON FORGERY
Knifehandchop "chopchop!!" FIGHTING PIG LEARNS JUDO TRICKS
Sheet "Quick Stomach" V/A THE NATURE OF SYSTEMS
Paul Giovanni "Chop Chop" THE WICKER MAN sdtk
Bongwater "Love You To" DOUBLE BUMMER
David "Because I'm Black" S/T
Charalambides "Mansfield Dam" V/A THE NATURE OF SYSTEMS
Robert Wyatt "Was A Friend (remix)" EPs
Vicky Leandros "Theo, wir fahr'n nach Lodz" V/A 25 HITS DES JAHRES

The Human Instinct "Stoned Guitar" STONED GUITAR
Big Boss Man "Sell Your Soul" HUMANIZE
ST-37 "Discorporate" Live @ WFMU
Giorgio "Collico" V/A 25 HITS DES JAHRES
Stool Pigeons "I Like It" GERRY CROSS THE MERSEY
Gary Wilson "6.4=Make-Out" YOU THINK YOU REALLY KNOW ME

Blind Dog "Wish I Knew Which Side I'm On" THE LAST ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN DOG
Lightning Bolt "The Faire Folk" RIDE THE SKIES
Hawkwind "10 Seconds of Forever / Brainstorm" SPACE RITUAL
Ween "Laura" THE POD
Jessica Kane "Mother Washed My Mouth Out With Soap" VARICOSE DAYS
Company "Manchester England" HAIR cast recording
Bobby Callender "The Bodhi Tree" THE WAY (First Book of Experience)

Hall & Oates "You Make My Dreams" VOICES
The Gossip "Red Hott" S/T ep
Lyd "The Time of Hate & Struggle" S/T
Oneida "The Land of Bugs" 7"
PLS_WDTH "Kngfcrrtflwrs - remix" V/A SO YOU WANT TO BE AN ELEPHANT (Tribute to the Elephant 6 Recording Company)
The Carnys "Butt, Cock & Balls" IT BELONGS TO THEM
The Microphones "I'm a Pearl Diver" 7"

Ron Warren Ganderton "Rock Work" SOUND CEREMONY
Mady Gula Blue Heaven "Far Away" FAR AWAY
The Teens "Rock 'n Roll Is My Life" S/T

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