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Playlist for Feb 23, 2001

Vanna Pachyderma Meets the Beaticus Babies

Hear this show!
Frequent Animation "Beaticus" DECODA
GTOs "...(Circular Circulation)" PERMANENT DAMAGE
Yo La Tengo "Danelectro" DANELECTRO
Datblygu "Gazpacho" LIBERTINO
Black Swan Network "(untitled)" THE LATE MUSIC
Burning Rome "First Sounds (for Baby Girl)" / "Small Sips at the Fountain" WHISTLER'S BOMBADIER
Phlegm "Bulletproof Tit In the Gluepool / Metal Theatre of Nits / Merrylands Dandruff Foundation" MR. HOO-HA VISITS THE NON-STOP PISSING CIRCUS

Vanna White speaks cassette
Down the Mountain "Employment Collage" S/T
Irene Moon "Educational Opportunity #31" promo CD
Scratch Pet Land "Mika Hik Drum Kit (version 3)" SOLO SOLI 3
Gil Scott-Heron "Whitey on the Moon" THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED
John Denver "Poems Prayers & Promises" POEMS PRAYERS & PROMISES
Jennie Mae "Cowboy Song" DON'T WAIT UP FOR ME
Gutbucket "Song of Seasickness" INSOMNIAC'S DREAM
It's A Beautiful Day "Bulgaria" S/T
Circus "Bar Room Wiggy" S/T

Mink Lungs "Ultimate Slumber Party / Start From Scratch" Live @ WFMU
The Donnas "Da Doo Ron Ron" S/T
Crom "(3 untitled tracks)" THE COCAINE WARS 1974-1989
Damien Sinclair "Say a Prayer for Dead Baby Spiders" LOVE ME...OR MY PANZER'S WILL CRUSH YOU
Piero Umiliani "Vierno / Funiculi Funicula" MUSICAELLETRONICA
The Warlocks "Song For Nico" S/T
The Magic Pacer "Wishes" DIG THIS DIG THAT
American Cherry "Kookie Fortune" S/T
Bund Deutscher Programmierer "" STOFFWECHSEL
Jackie-O Motherfucker "Wings for Hire" S/T
Dave Soldier & Richard Lair "Elephant Field Recordings" THAI ELEPHANT ORCHESTRA
-w/ Vanna White speaking-

Airport Girl "Frostbite" HONEY, I'M AN ARTIST
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbick "Fair Maid on the Shore" BOTH EARS AND THE TAIL
Piz 'Redface / Stopper, Driver" RETURN TO STUPIDLAND
Rick Benson "Never Give Up on a Good Thing" Live @ WFMU
Chicks on Speed "Song for a Future Generation" CHIX-52
Lightning Bolt "13 Monsters" RIDE THE SKIES

Matmos "Lipostudio...and so on" A CHANCE TO CUT IS A CHANCE TO CURE

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