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Playlist for February 9th 2001

The Rev. Black Bastid & The Forest Children
with live guests AVEY TARE & PANDA BEAR

Hear this show!
Kain "Harlem Preacher" THE BLUE GUERILLA
The Ad Council "Grub" R & B PSA
Acid Mother's Temple & Melting Paraiso UFO "La Novia part 1" LA NOVIA
Vincent Price "Gerald Yorke & Necromancy" WITCHCRAFT & MAGIC
Avey Tare & Panda Bear "Chocolate Girls" SPIRIT THEY'RE GONE, SPIRIT THEY'VE VANISHED
Vincent Price "How to Make a Pact With the Devil" WITCHCRAFT & MAGIC
w/ Sarah Peebles "Insect Groove" INSECT GROOVE
w/ The Ad Council "Play" R & B PSA

Avey Tare & Panda Bear "Bat You'll Fly" SPIRIT THEY'RE GONE...
Baxendale "Keep Feeling (Fascination)" V/A REPRODUCTIONS: SONGS OF THE HUMAN LEAGUE
The Promenaders "A, You're Adorable" LIVE ON BRIGHTON BEACH
Ladytron "I'm With the Pilots" 604
Peaches & Gonzales (w/ Jason Engel) "Not an Animal" Live @ WFMU 10-4-00
L'Infonie "Ode a l'Affaire - Ouverture / L'Affaire" S/T
Stumptone "(untitled) / Civilization" S/T
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra "Mood Indigo" VA HEARTBREAKERS, 1927-1946: Blue & Lonely

Welcome Avey Tare, Panda Bear & The Geologist!! These Forest Children are here today to represent The Animal Collective, a Baltimore via NYC conglomerate of artists, experimentalists & aether interpreters. Today, they've dimmed the lights, summoned the king of the forest & taken notes for all of us. Here's what they done:

1.  a song that led up to "Forest Gospel" 
2.  a song that led up to "Forest Gospel" 
3.  a song that led up to "Forest Gospel" 
4.  "Forest Gospel" 

  • Avey Tare sang and played electronics, percussion & a sorta little fake dulcimer
  • Panda Bear sang and played drums and his own throat
  • The Geologist sang and played all manner of electronics

Other members of the Animal Collective include The Deacon, currently appearing in "Fun Box" in Times Square; and Come Winter, doing an installation at the Fun Box on March 8th from noon til 6pm.
Catch Avey Tare, Panda Bear & The Geologist live at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on Sunday, Feb 25th.
Avey Tare & Panda Bear's CD "Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished" is available at Other Music on W. 4th St, Manhattan - a new release is scheduled for the spring.
Contact all members of the Animal Collective at and check their website (currently under construction)

Many thanks to Avey Tare & Panda Bear & The Geologist for an amazing invocation!! Also thanks to the always amazing Jesse Cannon for doing another smashing engineering job.

Roxy Music "A Song for Europe" STRANDED
Sun City Girls "Animistic Trafficking" SUMATRAN ELECTRIC CHAIR
Smallstone "Anomie" S/T

"Manson" Movie Trailer CELEBRITIES AT THEIR WORST Vol 2.9 Bitch Bitch Bitch

Manson Speaks/ "The California Hippie Murders" Joe Coleman INFERNAL MACHINE-
Internal / External "Anchordown Instrumental" INSIDE OUT ep
Julian Cope "24a, Velocity Crescent" FLOORED GENIUS 2: BBC Sessions 1983-91

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Invention "Around My Smile" AT THE DOORWAY AGAIN ep

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