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Playlist for January 5th, 2001

All Eyes On Me Except Yours
w/ special live guests CALVIN, DON'T JUMP!

Hear this show!
The Soft Machine "We Did It Again" S/T
Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre "Hurt" 7"
Hawkwind "You Shouldn't Do That" IN SEARCH OF SPACE
Calvin, Don't Jump! "Accordion Song" CRYSTAL CLEAR MISSISSIPPI
Van Dyke Parks "Vine Street / Palm Desert" SONG CYCLE
Coin "Jet Pack Turbo Suit / Level 1 / Intro 1 / Boot Farmers Awaken! / Crystal Castles" ARCHITECTS OF CHARACTER

Thomas Dinger "Ballgefluster" FUR MICH
Calvin, Don't Jump! "Instrumental 2" CRYSTAL CLEAR MISSISSIPPI
Dead Hollywood Stars "Incantation" GONE WEST
Towne Dandies "Haircuts Now!" MY 1ST STAMPEDE

The Space Needle "Eyes to the World" VOYAGER
Hackamore Brick "And I Wonder" ONE KISS LEADS TO ANOTHER

Calvin, Don't Jump! performs live

Hailing from the ridiculously fertile musical playground that is Athens, GA (where, of course, nobody is actually *from*), CALVIN, DON'T JUMP! has the enviable burden of introducing the Elephant 6 musical vision to a new millenium. Deeply traditional, yet with a great sense of irreverance and play, C,DJ! bears the distinct mark of E6 forbears Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel and Elf Power. And, in the E6 collective spirit, many members of these bands appear on C,DJ!'s debut CD "Crystal Clear Mississippi".

They've trucked all the way up to NJ for today's performance, as well as a slew of showcase performances for Jersey City label Perhaps Transparent - check their website at

C,DJ! played one long warm set on this blustery day, and here's how they done their thing:

 *  Eve's Dream
 *  Breach of Taste / Ode to Shape 
 *  Crumble
 *  Two Water Mocassins
 *  Seeds and Wings
 *  Bleating
 *  Grass Hoppin'
 *  On Flight
 *  Elmar
 *  Instrumental 1
 *  The Lava Suite
 *  Crystal Clear Mississippi
Here's the folks who made the music, and how they done that:
J. Kirk Pleasant:  Acoustic guitar, vox, keyboards
Gretchen C. Elsner:  Viola, keyboard, cymbals, vox
Alexei Gural:  Acoustic guitar, vox, percussion, banjo

Their CD "Crystal Clear Mississippi" is available at Mondo Kim's in NYC and at the website: Look for a new 7" coming out soon on Happy Birthday to Me Records

Thanks again to Calvin, Don't Jump! for a wonderful set today! Thanks also to label honchos Steve Connolly & Gabe for getting them here, and Thaddeus Koolhoeven & Dr. Irene Moon for hanging out & being the vibe.

Ultra thanks always to WFMU's Gil Shuster for another smashing job making everybody sound terrific!

Planetarium "...Tho We Walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death..." AGE OF ANXIETY
Grandaddy "Jeddy 3's Poem" SIGNAL TO SNOW RATIO
The delgados "Reasons for Silence (Ed's Song)" THE GREAT EASTERN

Harry Nilsson & John Lennon "Subterranean Homesick Blues" PUSSY CATS

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