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Transpacific Sound Paradise

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Global Manipulation

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One hour of ethnographic field recordings from the OCORA Radio France series followed by one hour of the same recordings cut, mixed, deconstructed and re-constructed. Rob selects the source material; sound artist Ken Garson (of Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza) gives it the treatment.

A partial OCORA catalogue is posted here:

Read an intriguing article in which ethnomusicologist Ragnar Johnson, who recorded material in Ethiopia heard here, recounts his experiences in the field and also criticizes the label's business practices:

Material played separately and in sequence in hour one and mixed and manipulated in hour two:

Ocora 559003, Burundi: Two Young Girls (vocal polyphony)

Ocora 560089, Madagascar: Piece for xylophone from Bara region, southwest Madagascar. Performers: Marivelo and Tsiahoa.

Ocora Central Africa: Jean Zuibona plays the xylophone gbeya . The full title of the cd is "Xylophones of the Ouham-Pende."

Ocora 560089, Madagascar: Musical Bow played by Zara, Mahaboboka village, Bara region.

Ocora 560022, Kenya: Chanchima on obokano (lyre) and vocals, with Richard Kabaka, engoma (horn).

Ocora 580056, Ethiopia: Performance on the ultra-low-frequency "Harp of David" or beganna recorded in a Tej Beit (Mead bar).

Ocora 560084, Brazil: An Asurini Indian dance dedicated to a small bird, warape, performed on the clarinet, from the tule ritual, a ritual that spans weeks.

Ocora 580048, Ivory Coast: One of the masked dances of the Dan people: "Mask with Big Voice."

Ocora 580056, Ethiopia: Flute piece from Gidole near the Kenya border

Ocora 559003, Burundi: 1 Girl singing, near Bujumbura

Ocora 559003, Burundi: Women singing for Ubuhuha ritual

Ocora Vocal Games of the Inuit and Songs and Drums of the Inuit - 3 excerpts

Ocora 580048, Ivory Coast: Another Dan masked dance, featuring a "bird mask".

Ocora 560022, Kenya: Luo singer Okumu Orengo eulogizes a handicapped person with nyatiti accompaniment

Ocora 559055, Iran: Alireza Soleymani performs a tajnis on the dotar.

Ocora 600010, Sweden: Thomas Egemyr perform a Sami vocal joik in a 1953 Swedish national radio recording.

Ocora 600008, Portugal: Joaquim Pinheiro, accordion and vocals, from Alentejo, performing "A Harvest Woman."

Ocora 559058, Laos: Nouthong Phimvilayphone performs his "Invitation to the spirit of the khen" on the khen (mouth organ).

Ocora 559070, Romania: Nocolai Nemes-Munteanu on compoi (bagpipe). From "Real Traditions of Transylvania."

Ocora 560050, Turkey: Hayri Dev and Hasan Yildirim perform on a child's double-reed instrument, sipsi, made from a pine branch. CD title: "Southwest Turkey: Music of Yayli."

Ocora 580044, Rajasthan: Jew's harp or morchang played by Mera Khan, from Barnava.

Ocora 580044, Rajasthan: Jahur Khan performs on bhapang, a monochord usually used to accompany Muslim religious epic poems.

Ocora 560085, Venezuela: Drummers of San Juan, central coast of Venezuela. From "Songs and Drums of the Black Brotherhoods."


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