Rix's Set List for May 10, 1999

Loading a Gun with a Hammer

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Rutter & Cambridge SingersTis the Month of MayingOlde English Madrigals
Raj QuartetInvocation of ThothWhoops, What A Palaver
Shindo, TakFlamingoBrass & Bamboo
Sauter-Finegan When 2 Trees Fall In LoveMallets in Wonderland (comp)
Kumore, KishoreMeresap RaniDoob Doob O Rama
StoogesT V EyeFunhouse
WeCaya's KidsSquare Root of Negative One
Delay TacticYellow SambaOut Pop Options
Do Re Mi Children's ChorusSpooky Undercover-Free the Vaults
Concert Percussion OrchestraRitmica #5Time Series Vol 2
Tonio KWhere Is That Place?Notes from the Last Civilization
String Builder It's Not the Worst Time I've Had7"
Death Cab for CutieSleepSomething About Airplanes
Mock TurtlesBig Eyed Beans from VenusFast n Bulbous (comp)
QuicksilverWhat About Me?/ Anthology 
Emperor PenguinMrs. BitchShatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah
Isley, ErnieDeal With ItHire Wire
MonauralLast ExitMonitor Interface
Riddle, NelsonThe Defender's ThemeRoute 66
Perez, DaniloImpromptuCentral Avenue
Future Pilot akavs. Brix Smith-Indians @Nasavs Galaxy of Sound
JoiOh My PeopleOne & One Is One
Hunter, SonyaExpecting to FlyThis Note's for You (comp)
Young, NeilSee the Sky About to RainOn the Beach
TomoeSpring Suspended in Amber
Gentle Tasaday Sad Wheel of the SeasonsGentle Tasaday
Plotkin, James & Brent Gutzeit WiresMosquito Dream
LambGoreckiAdvance Music
Eckert Quartet, ChristianPelzhaublerUp!
KochiPacific Hushes Wishes (1979)

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