Rix's Set Lists for April 26. 1999


ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Adam, Helen Apt. On Twin Peaks (St. Marks, '77) Big Ego
Crabs Sand & Sea Sand & Sea
Headless Household Isle Of Hugh Headless Household
Twilight Circus Sound System Horsie Horsie
Holmes, Leroy O Pato Goes Latin
Kula Shaker Moonshine Summer Sun E.P.
Bley, Paul King Korn (Carla Bley) Paul Bley & Scorpio
Juno A Listening Ear This Is The Way It Goes & Goes
Lonesome Organist Vibe Sequencer Cavalcade
Poi Dog Pondering Everybody's Trying Wishing Like A Mountain
Pope Saxophone Choir, Odean Terrestrial EPitome
Hutch, Willie I Can Sho Give U Luv Havin A House Party (1977)
Arling & Cameron Bad Dream (Remix) Special Sculture Edition
Jenkins, Gordon Nitemare Seven Dreams
Stock, Hausen & Walkman Unlucky Organ Transplants
Sagittarius Song 2 The Magic Frog Present Tense
Heller Generation, Skip Morning Glory (Bobby Gentry) Lonely Town
Jenny Mae One We Kiss There's A Bar Around The Corner, Asshole
Senay, Eddie Shakeero Step By Step (1972)
Parker, Ray The Other Woman (Instrumental) The Other Woman EP
Involution Tonto, King Of Mango Land Involution
Cauldron The City The Sanctuary Suite
Pearcy, Rebecca Sail My Ship Sea Deep Sky High
Verlaines Lucky In My Dreams Way Out Where
Collister, Christine Black Eyed Dog (Nick Drake) Dark Gift Of Time
Deauville, Darcy Last Hitchhiker On The Lost Highway Ditto
Atlas, Natacha Mahlakaya Gedida
Pirai, Moonram Ponmeri Doob Doob O Rama (Songs From Bollywood)
Pharmacopia So Why Not? Individual
Payne, Cecil That's It Blues Payne's Window

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