Rix's Set Lists for April 12, 1999

It's alright, Ma, if I'm not in the Sunday Times

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Stock, Hausen & Walkman Wunderbar Organ Transplants
Dylan, Bob It's Alright, Ma, I'm Only Bleeding Before The Flood
Moviola Quarter Tank Durable Dream
Saboteurs Theme From The Smiler Hang 10 Vol 1
Circle Meronia Meronia
Princess Tinymeat Wigs On The Green Herstory (1987)
The mEsEmEonEs Unconscious Kitchen Criminally Unsigned Comp
Cherry, Don Improv 5 (On Mammoth Cave Stalagmites) Hell's Kitchen (Comp)
Dr. John Glowin Babylon
Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden Chill In The Air Bella Neurox
Wolff, Christian For Morty Chamber Works
Sloan, P.F. Here's Where U Belong 12 More Times (1966 )
Alphane Moon In The Vector Of Thethe Echoing Grove
Trundle, Boo Big Mind Brite New Tomorrow (Big Deal Comp)
Locust Just Like You Morning Light
Fullman, Elle Slow Melody Change Of Direction (Long Stringed Instrument)
Bell, Sandra Holding City Of Sorrows
Smith, Jimmy The Boss The Boss (Live)
Latin Playboys Latin Trip Dose
Wells, Mary What's Easy 4 2 Is Hard 4 1 (Smokey R) Greatest Hits
Axelrod, David Holy Thursday Blue Breakbeats Vol 4
Mottola, Tony Theme From "Danger" Guitar - Mottola
Porcini, Funky Butler's Groove Ultimately Empty Million Pounds
Smith, Patti Godspeed Easter (C D Bonus)
Intro To India The Saddest Of All Keys Intro To India
Howie B To Kiss You Snatch

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