Rix's Set Lists for Feb 15, 1999

Catching a Tangled Man with an Emotional Bondage Spell

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Carpenter, John Alden Skyscrapers (1926) American East Coast School
Jerome, Henry Theme From Howard Hawks Meets The Blob West Koast Kewl
Short 66 I L N Double U Waterpipes & Dykes
Monotract In The Bluest Year, In 1977 7"
Scatch Bongwater Because I Hate You Don't Guzzle The Bongwater
Deep Freeze Mice Neuron Music Hang On Constance, Let Me Hear The News
Digital Rom Microscopic Sound X
Kurva, Szecki Rags Fearless Vampire Slayer
Dred, Mike & Peter Green Kymera Virtual Fame
Huun Huur ? Where Young Green Grass Grows
Animals With Eric Burdon Year Of The Guru Everyone Of Us
Spencer, JulieGomer In The Desert Ask (Fine Marimba Music)
Huebner, Louise Emotional Bondage Spell Seduction Thru Witchcraft
Ranieri, Katyna Juliet Of The Spirits (Rota) Fellini's Movie Songs (Arr. Riz Ortolani)
Vito & The Romans Pizza Guy Gombah Party
Schifrin, Lalo Roulette Rhumba Reel Lalo
Antietam Ask The Angels (Smith) Comes Alive (Cbgb 91)
Love Your Mind & We Belong Together Love Story
Briggs, Annie Tangled Man Time Has Come
Bailterspace Big Cat Solar
Neu Weissensee Neu!
Speigel, Laurie Sonic Space 3 Unseen Worlds
French, John P.K. Ro P Beat Resonance Vol6
Hughes, Chris Shift Pt 3 (Reich Violin Phase) Shift

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