Rix's Set Lists for February 8.1999


ArtistSongAlbum (format)
G N A C A Vantage Point Is The Top Of The Tree Little Darla Treat V11
Bley, Carla Overture Escalator Over The Hill
Dodds Washboard Band, Johnnytoo Tight Early Jazz Greats (1924)
Danielson Family Failingtest, Falling In Love Tri-Danielson 2
Siouxsie & The Banshees Love In A Void Peel Sessions (1979)
Minekawa, Takako Black Forest Cloudy Day Calendar
Free Kittens Coco's Theme 7"
X Girl Spellbound Kero!
Danielson Family Fruitful Weekend Tri-Danielson 2
Chadbourne, Eugene Waterstriders Worms With Strings
What We Live Brush With A Groove Quintet
Spacemen 3 Rollercoaster Sound Of Confusion
Stellamara Maris Live @ K F J C
Mojave 3 Who Do You Love Out Of Tune
Wheeler, Cheryl The Days & Nites R Long Sylvia Hotel
Art Ensemble Of Chicago What's 2 Say? Fanfare 4 The Warrior
Mayfield, Curtis Underground (Demo) Roots (1970)
Fennesz Don't Talk , Put Your...(B. Wilson) Plays
Montenegro, Hugo /TD>Solo On A Raft/TD>Man From Uncle Sdtrk
Weingand, Jack This Time I'm Sure Shangri-La
Christy, June Love Turns Winter 2 Spring Gone 4 The Day
Pan Sonic Askel A
Rouse, Charlie Backwoods Echo Cinnamon Flower
I S A N Don't Bounce It Little Darla Treat V11
Yukota Cubehead Present
Rollins, Sonny Falling In Love With Love Best Of
Scott, Jimmy Everytime We Say Goodbye All The Way
Velocity Girl Hey U Get Odd My Moon Simpatico
Bryars, Gavin Epilogue Cadman Requiem

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