Rix's Set Lists for Feb 1, 1999

My Love Turned Blue Beneath the Blue Moon

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Mighty Spoiler Sleepwalking Unspoilt
Howling Wolf Riding In The Moonlight Rides Again
Presley, Elvis Blue Moon Sun Sessions
Buckley, Tim Strange Feeling Happy Sad
Kittycraft Shine On Beats & Breaks From The Flower Patch
Boo Radleys Adieu Clo Clo King Size
Tall Dwarfs Ugly Mire Of Deeply Held Feelings Fifty Flavors Of Glue
Ghost In Heaven For One Second
Tarot Bolero When My Love Turned Blue Vaudeville Rising
Mutantes Magica Mutantes 2nd
Hotel X Who Does She Hope 2 B? Random History Of Avant Garde
Barker, Warren Caper At The Coffee House 77 Sunset Strip Sdtrk
Martian Tin Can Joking Apart 0161 (Comp)
Goldsmith, Jerry The Search Continues Planet Of The Apes Sdtrk
Swift, Rob Do U Dance? Dope
Archer, Tasmin Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (D. Mcmanus) Shipbuilding
Gladhands House Of Mirrors La Di Da
Milesi, Pietro Little Stones La Camera
Ives, Charles The Rainbow Boston Chamber Ensemble
Phillips, Sam She Can't Tell Time Indescribable Wow
Michiyo, Yagi Remembrance Shizuku
Dick, Robert Times Venturi Shadows
Glands Of External Secretion Hallucinatory Companion Nose Job (Barbara Manning)
Dump The Words Got Stuck In My Throat Women In Rock
Mantler, Karen Waiting Karen & Her Cat Arnold Get The Flu
Minette, Gordon Citrus The Eden Aspect
Voice Of Eye Sirens At Propolis Storm Of Drones (Comp)
Budd, Harold & Garcia & Lentz La Muchacha Music For 3 Pianos
Caffeine, Jean Tears Away All Night Truckstop
Roach, Steve & Roger King Snake Eyes Dust To Dust
Blackwatch Stars Come Down Flowering
Holiday, Billy Let's Dream In The Moonlight Quintessential V7
Byrd, Donald Xibaba Electric Byrd

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