Rix's Set Lists for January 25. 1999

With A Hummingbird's Nest For A Hat

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Kolb, Barbara Solitaire For Piano & Vibes (1972) Contemporary Composers In America
Roberts, George Three Stoned Mice Meet Mr. Roberts
Pachora Pitta Unn
Kliese, Jenn A Girl In The Sky Yoyo A Gogo (Comp)
Eleanor Roosevelt Head In A Humminbird's Nest 7"
Tilston, Steve Time Has Shown Me Your Face Acoustic Collection (Reissue1971)
Johnson, David Earl Sadisco Skin Deep, Yeah
Helium Baby's Going Underground The Dirt Of Luck (1989)
Fifi & The Mach I I I New Race 7"
U K Subs Paradise Burning Riot
Mott The Hoople Death May Be Your Santa Claus Brain Capers
Archers Of Loaf Wrong Icky Mettle
Schifrin, Lalo Dirty Harry's Creed Reel Lalo
Do May Say Think Le Espalace Do May Say Think
Wilson, Stanley The Discovery M Squad Sdtrk
Neotropic Bubble Dub Bastard Tracks
Daumier, Sophie Femme Femme Nymphomaniac 2 (Comp)
Candoli, Pete Feeling Mean & Low Down When Your Lover Has Gone
Muscia, Rob & Giova Venisto Rack Urban & Tribal Portraits
Woo Swingtime Woo
Kraftwerk Organization Noita Sinagro Tone Float
Musical Chairs Everything U Want All We Want
Love Of Life Orchestra Cry Like A Baby, Sing Like A Dog Geneva
Kendricks & Ruffin Don't Know Why You're Dreaming Ruffin & Kendricks
Strange Romance Waiting In The Rain Charm
Lovekittens What Goes On? Orbient Mix
Nawn, Linda Lately Respond (Comp)
Betaband She's The One 3 E Ps
Method Man Big Dogs (Inst) Judgement Day
Eighty Mile Beach What We Did Last Summer Om (Comp)

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