Rix's Set Lists for January 18, 1999

There's No Depression In Heaven

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Milhaud, Darius The Bull On The Roof Cond. By Milhaud (Nonesuch)
Oblivion Seekers There's No Depression In Heaven (A.P. Carter) 7"
Trailer Bride Maudlin Extrawalt 7"
Book, Lynn Eelectric Lady Dice 2 Comp
X Ray Specs Let's Submerge Germ Free Adolescence
Puddle Into The Moon Into The Moon
Cycling Drive Slow 7"
Young, Larry Heaven On Earth Blue Note Rare Grooves
Rugolo, Pete Richard Diamond's Blues Richard Diamond Sdtk
Morphic Resonance Gateway Yearbook (Comp)
Staton, Dakota Time Was Sings Ballads & Blues
T.J. Kirk Brake's Sake (Monk) If 4 Was 1
Hopkins, Kenyon Who Do U Kill? East Side West Side Sdtrk
Barry, Kristin Foolishness The Beginning, The Middle, The End
Mojave 3 This Road I'm Traveling Out Of Tune
Rich, Robert Buoyant On Motionless Deluge A Swarm Of Drones
Williams, Lucinda Crescent City Lucida Williams
Hutcherson, Bobby Ruth Spiral (1966)
Vitiello, Stephen Slow Spy & Camel Light Of Falling Cars
Williams, Mary Lou Virgo Zodiac Suite
Williams, Mary Lou Scorpio Zodiac Suite
Watkins, Kit Setting Iron John Free Wet, Dark & Low
Viva Satellite Halted At The Altar Extra Eye
Rockyfellers Beachcomber Song Del Fi Jungle Jive Comp
Beach Boys Sail On Sailor Holland
Sasha Dreaming Bhangra Dimension (Comp)
Pilgrims Of The Mind Nothing Can Pull Us Apart Om Lounge (Om Comp)
Voelz, Susan 3am Summer Crashing
Scetches Slow Track Call It Anything (Comp)
Sokolov, Lisa Never Never Land Angel Rodeo
Williams, Jessica My Mother Portraits

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