Rix's Set Lists for January 11, 1999

The Arc of the Moon is the Only Real Time

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Horiuchi, Glen Internment Poston Sonata
Wilcox, Larry Nitty Gritty Tuff Saxes & Twangy Guitars
Pierce, Jo Carol I Blame God Bad Girls, Upset By The Truth
Magic Pacer Heaven Forget Me White Room
Raincoats No One's Girl Postpunk Chronicles
Dee, Lenny Siboney Dee-Lightful
Nightblooms Hope 4 Fast, Count On Slow 24 Hours @ Catastrophe Cafe
Zubu Zuva Zubu Hymn Magaibutsu Sampler
5 Sides Collide Collisions Lowlife ('87 Comp)
Lagwagon Gun In You Hand Let's Talk About Feelings
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Red Talk 7"
Rondo, Don Theme From "The Geisha Boy" Jubilee Surprise Party Vol 1
Ishikawa, Chu Lost Tetsuo (Sdtrk)
Lonely Universe How Could You?A La Plage
Magical Power Maki Ambient Take Of United Earth (Xcerpt) No Government
Hope Blister Outer Skin Smile's O K
Chinese Instrumental Ensemble Lover's Tears Masterpieces Of Chinese Song
Cowell, Stanley Bobby's Tune Brilliant Corners (1975)
Carroll, Karen Ain't It Nice Delmark 15 Years Of Jazz & Blues
Starpoint Send Me A Letter It's All Yours
Brentford Allstars Throw Me Some Corn Studio 1 Instrumentals
Santucci & Scoppa Over Hand On The Underground Road
Chege, Sam Nyoma Cia Kickin Kikuyo Style
Lyman, Arthur Return 2 Paradise Taboo 2
Clarkson, Jay Without Decision Packet (N.Z.)
Kottke, Leo Mid-Air That's What
Louise Avenue Mirrors Let's Take One More
Miller, Phil Meccano Petorus (H. Hopper) Unsettled Scores (Comp)
Miranda Sex Gardens Ah, Look Upon Those Eyes Madra
Jones, Robert F. Haraam Ham Transmutations (Comp)
Bowery Electric Fear Of Flying Beat
Planet T.R. Transmission Received Let The Cosmos
Reich, Steve 6 Marimbas (Excerpt) Works

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