Rix's Set List for January 4, 1999

"O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!"

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Szembo, Tibor Optimistic Lecture The Conscience
Salome 3 Am Cocktail 7"
Olsen, Kristina Live Man In The Dead Of Nite Love, Kristina
Williams, Rubber Legs Every Bit Hi Fi Jazz Session
Grind Orchestra Jolly Throats (Chi Chi Ta Ta Mix) Jolly Throats EP
Hayman, Richard Dansero Electric Latin Love
Schafer, Gitta Dodeka Translucency
Talbot, Vicki Won't Get Fooled Again They Shall Not Pass (1982)
101 Crustaceans Contamination Songs Of Resignation
Lonesome Organist Let Me B Your Man Collector Of Cactus Echo Bags
Splendora (I Keep My) Shirt On In The Grass
Kam-Pas-Nel-La Re: Turningjapanese Kam-Pas-Nel-La Vol 1
Love Old Man (Bryan Maclean) Forever Changes
Quartet Music (With Nels Cline) House Of Foil Summer Music (1989)
Tristano Sextet, Lennie Remembrance Wow (Live)
Caine, Uri I Went Out This Morning (Gustav Mahler) Primal Light
Newton, Lauren & Joelle Leandre Oregon Gray Fog 18 Colors
Stems At First Sight 3r R R (LP Comp '89)
Staples, Mavis I've Been 2 The Well Before Oh What A Feeling ('79)
Robinson, Smokey Hip Trip Big Time Sdtrk
Ostrowski, Matthew I I Vertebra
Sandals We Wanna Live Rite 2 Silence
Young, Neil Tonight's The Night Live Rust ('79)
Sanders, Pharoah Thembi Thembi ('71)
Ocal, Burhan & Clas. Ens. Of Instanbul Sejah Kar Orient Secret
Lorenz, Rudiger Tarim Taklamkan
Prado, Holly Solstice Calendar Word Rituals
Oblivian Express Enlitte Nitemare Sinistrotorse
Moffatt, Katy This Heart Stops 4 Railroad Crossings Greatest Show On Earth
Scenic Et Tu Dronius Aquatica

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