Rix's Set Lists for December 28, 1998

A Galaxy of Emptiness

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Jones, Quincy Kinda Scary Mirage Sdtrk
Ellis, Ochs & Robinson Little Mysteries What We Live
Neidlinger Band, Buell Brilliant Corners (Monk) Big Drum
Hyman, Dick Thunderball Man From O.R.G.A.N.
Jones, Tom Thunderball Greatest Hits
Hellworms What's Your Excuse? Crowd Repellent
Pinheads Who Vote My Husband Won't Let Me (From 1989)
Kazuhisa, Uchihash & Hans Reichel Global Blind Fishes Dining Out 2nite King Pawns
Standells Medication (Inst Dub) Dirty Water
Throw Ups Traffic Accident Sex (LP Comp)
Berg, Gerald Odd Trio - Energetically Memory Palace
Portman, Rachel Mysterioso Sirens Sdtrk
Castle Broadway Raymond Carverland 7"
Kraus, Briggan Toy Boat Three Hundred
Henry, Pierre Jeux La Ville
Manning. Barbara (With Flophouse) B4 We Go Under (Bats) 7"
Tolliver, Charles The Ringer The Ringer
Extended Spirits Solid Water Future Sounds Of Jazz V5
Moorefield, Virgil Part A Temperature In Hell Is Over 3000 Degrees
Tons Of Nuns What's It Gonna Be? Dishpan Hands (1987 Comp)
Bent Leg Fatima Mouse 7"
Artemyev, Edward Sirens Odyssey Sdtrk
Orton, Beth Galaxy Of Emptiness Trailer Park
Roach, Steve The Ancient Day Dreamtime Return
Hykes, David Let The Lover Be Let The Lover Be
Innocence Mission Black Sheep Wall Innocence Mission (1989)
Mad Professor Acid Queen Dubtronic
Elfish Echo Yumi's Theme Strong Medicine
Invisible Hands In Between Times Abstract Vibes Vol2
Townshend, Pete & Ronnie Lane Heart 2 Hang On 2 Rough Mix

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