Rix's Set Lists for Dec 21, 1998

The W F M U Winter Solstice Virgin Sacrifice Ceremony

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Barnes, David Panic In Legoland Sonic Circuits Vi (Comp)
Slave Drac Is Back The Concept (1978)
Dax, Danielle Evil House Stomp Spin (Comp)
Martin, Skip R.S.V.P. Mr. Dillinger The Untouchables
Mori, Ikue Cheyenne Painted Desert
Cadallaca Night Vandals Introducing...
Raybeats Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt Start Swimming (Stiff Live Comp 1981)
Toxic Fumes Easy Money Sound Of Hollywood Girls (Mystic, 1980)
Dino Oon Bone Selector Stimmes Des Volkes
Artemyeu, Edward Temple Of The Dead The Odyssey (Sdtrk)
Ectasy Of St. Theresa Fluidum Fluidtrancecenturi (10")
Rollins, Sonny Wonderful, Wonderful Newk's Time
Chinese Instrumental Ensemble The Moon Speaks 4 The Heart Of The Lover Miles Away Masterpieces Of Chinese Songs Of 30's
Body Lovers Five 1 Of 3
Thomas & Wormholes, Richard Gibson Grasshopper 7 Point Plan To Destroy Astrology
Souvenirs Roacheroo Everybody's Doin' It
Ellington, Duke Arabeque Cookie Nutcracker Suite
Lyman, Arthur Mary's Boy Child With A Xmas Vibe
Lewis, John England's Carol European Windows
Fahey, John Lo, How A Rose E'r Blooming Xmas Album
Jacob, Gordon The Bells (William Byrd Suite) British Band Classics Vol 2
Ellington, Duke Peanut Brittle Brigade Nutcracker Suite
Daisy Glow Theme From Daisy Glow California Dreaming (Comp)
Burt, Warren The Red Witch Of The Moon Sonic Circuits Vi (Comp)
Orkestre De Pas Perdus, L' Rayons Maison Douce Maison
Hanrahan, Kip Trust Me Yet? Desire Develops An Edge
Cosa, Danielle Icarus Suono Libero Vol 2 (Comp)
Saint Saens 3rd Movement Symphony #3 "Organ" (Alfred Gehart, Cond)

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