Rix's Set Lists for Dec 14, 1998

That's What We Do With The Baby-O

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Tairakuetoko Vs. Sammy Akuonna Viva Young Florida Viva Young Florida
Bonano, Sharkey Look What You Missed Recorded In New Orleans Vol 1 (1956)
Virgina Dare Baby Got Away Baby Got Away
Hill, Tommy Faded Love Fire On The Strings
Association Come On In Birthday
Do Make Say Think Dr. Hooch Do Make Say Think
Nightingales Don't Blink Pillows & Prayers (1982 LP Com)
Dirt Nap Pumpernickel Below The Speed Of Sound
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry She Said Nothing Wrong (1988)
Baker, Chet Round Midnite In A Soulful Mood (1966)
Comstock, Frank The D A's Man Cool Scene (1959)
Los Amigos Invisibles Mango Cool New Sound Of Gozadea
Smith, Keely It's Magic Swingin' Pretty (Arr. Riddle, 1959)
Mancini, Henry A Mild Blast Mancini Plays Mancini (Rca Camden)
Simon, Joe Music In My Bones Get Down (1975)
Vega, Tata Just Keep Thinkin' About You Try My Love
Professor Trance Kozuma Shaman's Breath
Starr, Edwin Time Very Best Of
Dramatics Hey You Get Off My Mountain Best Of (Volt)
Kennedys The Coo Coo Angel Fire
Hersh, Kristin What Will We Do With The Baby-O Murder, Misery & Good Nite
Bagsby, David The Penguin (R. Scott) Happy Hour For A Pack Of Screaming Monkeys
Tortoise Tin Cans & Twine Tortoise
Dubois, Celeste Banana Girl Life Out There (4 Dots LP Comp 1985)
Tarwater Strawberry Shoes Rabbit Moon Revisited
Moses, Edwin Sin Resabalar Expresso-Siesta (Comp)
Red House Painters All Mixed Up Songs For A Blue Guitar
Ravel, Maurice Concerto In G, Adagio Assai Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli
Association Barefoot Gentleman Birthday
Joyce Morro Velho Astronauta
Grooverider Imagination Pts 1 & 2 Mysteries Of Funk

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