Rix's Set Lists for Dec 7, 1998

"I arise from dreams of thee In the first sweet sleep of night"

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Morris Quartet, Joe A Cloud Of Black Birds A Cloud Of Black Birds
Lee, Peggy When In Rome In The Name Of Love
Kinks Dandy Face 2 Face
Trombones Unlimited Dandy Boss Bones
Bimbo Shrineheads I Will Die In Willamantic Double Indemnity (Comp)
Polvo Channel Changer Cor-Crane Secret (LP 92)
Savage Republic Siege Trudge (LP 86)
Chicken Hawks Get Loose Siouxicide City
Fanny Special Care (Stills) Charity Ball (72)
Gale Wind Transistor It's Always Summer I Live The Life
Weismann 3, Perry Hale-Bopp A Go Go Perry Weisman 3
Soldier, Dave & Kropotkins Something Crawling Round My Bed Kopotkins (L. Velvette)
Bruce, Jack Minister Of Bag Songs For A Tailor
King, Albert Personal Manager Born Under A Bad Sign
Mandel, Johnny & Gerry Mulligan Black Nightgown I Want To Live Sdtrk
4hero Spirits In Transit 2 Pages
Legrand, Michel Slot Machine Baby Atlantic City Sdtrk
Gordon, Michael Blue Mix Icebreaker-Trance
Shelley, Percy Bysshe Lines To An Indian Air Poems Of Shelley
Yahova 13 Ho An Aquarian Symphony
Terrifying Experience Hollis Put His Hands Around My Neck Southern Records Comp
Hersh, Kristin Little Birdy Murder, Misery & Good Night
Sunshine Day I'd Like 2 B U 4 A Day Expreso-Siesta Comp
Mckuen, Rod Gallery Of Assorted Beats Beatsville
Ellington, Duke Reflections Duke Plays Ellington (Trio Session)
Achote, Noel Broken Shadows (O. Coleman) Lust ( W. Chadbourne & Ribot)
Lyman, Arthur Adventures In Paradise Percussion Spectacular
DramaticsNow U Got Me Loving U Hits (Stax/Volt)
Lovsky, Fay California Daze Origami
B M X Bandits Keep On Joking Life Goes On
Musdef & Tallb Kwell Respiration (Inst) 12"
Ayler, Albert Infinite Rebirth Live In Greenwich Village
Bates, Django Is Anyone Up There? Quiet Nites

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