Rix's Set Lists for Nov 23, 1998

Eating & Drinking Myself Sick At Taxpayer Expense

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Ibarra, Susie & Denis Charles Kulintang Medley Drum Talk
Astraquillo, Corbelita No Dua Duaem Pay Folk Songs From The Phillipines
Koichi, Kakigami & Anton Bruhin Kimosui Electric Eel
Jerome, Henry What's New Pussycat? Henry's Trumpets
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors Exploded View (7")
Meat Puppets I Can't Be Counted On At All No Strings Attached
Ginsberg, Allen Old Pond First Blues
Throwing Muses Finished In A Doghouse (Chains Changed EP)
Peterson, Lucky (5 Years Old) Good Old Candy Our Future
Smith, Jimmy Mack The Knife Crazy! Baby
Newman, Randy Baltimore Guilty 30 Years
Frumpies Alien Summer Piece
Beekeeper Dead & Drugged Ostrich
Bisk Break In The Clouds Ticklish Matters
Volume Allstar The Tranquility Of Obsession Self-Connected, Twice-Elected
Hopkins, Kenyon Times Square East Side, West Side (Sdtrk)
Noth, Alex 4 Girls In Town Pt 1 4 Girls In Town (Arr. Mancini)
Powell, Jane 4 Every Man There's A Woman Why Can't We B Friends?
Klaus & Uschi Young Stud Nymphomaniac
African Head Charge Some Bizarre Off The Beaten Track
Flying Saucer Attack Come & Close My Eyes Further
Starfish Misfortune Instrumental E.P.
Three On A Hill Mex-Egyptian Biting Into Foil (1986)
Colorsound Little Angel Soundtrack For An Imaginary Life
Labarbara, Joan Cathing Tape Songs (1977 Chiaroscuro)
My Bloody Valentine Lose My Breath Isn't Anything
Husik, Lida California Oregon Bozo (LP)
Coltrane, Alice Atomic Peace Monastic Trio (Impulse)
Bernstein, Elmer Main Title To Kill A Mockingbird (Sdtrk)
Yearwood, Kathleen The Sick Rose Little Misery Bird
Transmillenia Consort Freebasing Transmillenia Consort (LP)

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