Rix's Set Lists for Nov 16, 1998

My Notebook of Exquisite Things

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Goulet, Robert Atlantic City, My Old Friend (Paul Anka) Atlantic City Sdtrk
Green, Urbie & 21 Trombones Just Dropped In (2 C What Condition) Rock,Blues Jazz
Mancini, Henry Mambo Parisienne Charade Sdtk
Morgan, Jaye P I Ain't Got The Man Jp & Orchestra (10")
Keene Orchestra, Bob Mack The Knife Del Fi Pool Party
Turrentine, Stanley The Look Of Love The Look Of Love
Queens Of The Stone Age Give The Mule What He Wants (CD)
Sally Skull Heaven Taking A Chance On Chances (Comp)
Lack A Daisy Groovy Box Xtreme It Must Be Something (7")
Pretenders Watching The Clothes Go Around Learning To Crawl
Fartz Children Of The Grave (Black Sabbath) Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks
Purple Ivy Shadows Bicycle Reaction Whoever's Southern Is Northern
Young, Neil Revolution Blues On The Beach
Ensemble Duchamp Pineapple, Mango, Lemon, No Vanilla (CD)
Debussy, Claude Notebook Of Exquisite Things Welte Vorsetzer Piano Player
Boxhead Ensemble Dust & Rain No Place 2 Go
Duster 4 Hours Apex Trancelike (7')
Peter Pan Indians Indians Peter Pan (Orig. Cast)
Perry, Lee "Scratch" Witches Are Funny Fire In Dub (Prod. Mad Professor)
Hi Rhythm Save All My Lovin' On The Loose (1976)
Senay, Eddie Delgado Step By Step
Bates, Django Teach Me Tonight Quiet Nights
Hyman, Dick Alfie Age Of Electronicus
Black, Cilla Alfie Bacharach Box Set
Wang, Sylvia Total Perfect Intimate Strangers Rappel (Comp)
Creeley, Robert For Love Contemporary American Poets
Transient Waves Green Acres (7")
Mangsen, Cindy Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still Songs Of Experience
Blake, Ran Short Life Of Barbara Monk Black Saint Critics Pick #3
Southwest F.O.B. Rock & Roll Woman Smell Of Incense
Solas I Am A Maid That Sleeps In Love Solas
Yearwood, Kathleen Ah, Sunflower (William Blake) Little Misery Birds
Ginsberg, Allen Sunflower Sutra Howl & Other Poems Live
Throwing Muses Raise The Roof In A Doghouse
Bombay The Hard Way Punjabis, Pimps & Players Bombay The Hard Way Sdtrk

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