Rix's Set Lists for November 9, 1998

There was a Skinny Man Who Lived on a Hill

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Bernstein, Elmer Birdito Caretakers (Sdtrk)
Kenton, Stan America West Side Story
Barreto, Ray Stingray Can U Feel It?
Johnson Orchestra, Laurie Riviera Police Avengers & Other Tv Themes
Ascarrunz, Cesar Devil & Montezuma Cesar 830
Martin, Jane & Nathaniel Knight What That Means Soluble Fish (Comp)
Sunshine Day Sandcastles Algebra Spaghetti
Free Design Ronda Go Round Raindrops
Glass Eye Clean Living Marlo (1985)
Band Of Susans No God Wired 4 Sound
Cowsills Walk Away Renee Live
Dresher, Paul Destiny This Same Temple
High Llamas Homespun Rerun (Cornelius Mix) Lollo Rosso
Fifth Dimension Skinny Man Age Of Aquarius
Kamiyama, Hoppy Fantasm B Juice & Tremolo
Pursuit Of Happiness She's So Young Poptopia 80s
Hancock, Herbie Quasar Crossings
Patachich, Ivan Metamorphosis Cont. Hungarian Perc. Music
Jacquet, Illinois Back Home In Indiana Banned In Boston
Berryhill, Cindy Lee Season Of The Witch Straight Outta Marysville
Johnston, Phillip Transparent Qrt The Sleepwalker (Raymond Scott) Needless Kiss
Pharmacopia Find The Fit Pop's English
Bernstein, Elmer Bernardo Magnificent 7 (Sdtrk)
Knight, Cheryl Crawling Northeast Kingdom
Doppler Funk Message At The Tone Blasto!
Junie Walt's 3rd Trip (Junie Was In Ohio Players)
Wright, O.V. Nothing Comes 2 A Sleeper Memphis Unlimited (1973)
Curtis, King In The Midnight Hour Plays Great Memphis Hits
Fairport Convention She Moved Thru The Fair What We Did On Our Holiday
Dylan, Bob I Don't Believe U Live 1966 @Royal Albert Hall
Hildegarde Von Bingen Oh Jerusalem Hildegard Von Bingen

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