Rix's Set Lists for Oct 26, 1998 (3-6 AM)

If you do this for me, Bob, I'll buy you Lunch

ArtistSongAlbum (format)
Oranj Symphonette Arabesque (Mancini) Plays Your Favorites
Les 5 4 3 2 1 Bond St. (Bacharach) Sushi 3001
Mancini, Henry That's It & That's All Mr. Lucky
Husik, Lida Wonderland Husikesque
Moran, Robert Points Of Departure  
Anaphoria Creation Of The World Creation Of The World
Anubian Lights Frequency Of Sand  
Byrd, Donald Wind Parade Blue Breakbeats
Waits, Tom Phantom 309 Nitehawks At The Diner
Coltrane, John By The Numbers Last Trane (With Red Garland)
Garland, Red Please Send Me Someone 2 Love I Left My Heart
Charles, Ray Drown In My Own Tears (One Of The Many Reissues)
Freeman, Chico Mercy Mercy Me You'll Know When U Get There
Jeffries, Peter 3 Movements Substatic
Miss Murgatroid Dead Magician (A CD Of Her-Their 90s Stuff)
Stereolab One Note Samba-Surfboard Aluminum
Thomas, Peter Opium Moonflowers & Miniskirts (A Cool One, Folks)

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